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The Fall of the Airbenders





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March 3, 2011

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Book 1 Chapter 1 (The Fall of the Airbenders)

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Book 1 Chapter 3 (The Fall of the Airbenders)


Chuan talks to his best friend, Kaizan, about his failed training session with Monk Saicho. The two resolve to pull a daring prank to take their minds off of things...

Book 1 Chapter 2: Kaizan's Advice

"I can't believe he made you try that move again!" Kaizan was saying. He jumped into the air and sent an Air ball spinning between the posts. Chuan dove and hooked his foot underneath the ball, using Airbending to spin it back up to the players' level. He grasped hold of it, then spun around and sent it flying back toward Kaizan, who was saying, "Doesn't Monk Saicho know you can't do it?"

"Yes," Chuan said as the ball was sent back his way. "That's why he made me do it again. "I was just being cocky, so he brought me down to Earth. He means well."

"Well, nothing you can do about it now, but I've been thinking." Kaizan hopped on one foot and spun around to kick the ball back toward Chuan. "We've pranked almost everybody here, and it's kinda getting a little..."

"Boring?" Chuan finished for him. He swiped the Air ball out of the air and laid down on the pole he was on, dangling one of his legs off the side and resting his cheek on the other. "You think?"

"Well, I just meant that maybe it's time to step up our game a little!" Kaizan bounded between the poles and settled down beside his friend. "We need to pull the ultimate prank!"

"Yeah?" said Chuan, trying to sound interested but doing a really bad job of it, "and how are we going to do that?"

A grin spread across Kaizan's face. "Because," he said. "We're going to prank Monk Aguma!"

"The cranky bison-watcher?" Chuan exclaimed. He channeled air currents underneath himself and floated to his feet. "Do you realize how much trouble we'd get into if he caught us? We'd probably be shunned from the temple, and I don't even know if the monks are allowed to do that!"

"Then we won't get caught," Kaizan replied slyly. " in?"

Chuan thought for a moment, weighing his options, and then his drive for adventure got the better of him. He nodded a firm affirmation and then added, "Why is it that I'm brave enough to pull the most dangerous prank possible, and yet I can't even gather enough courage to talk to Mayana?"

They both looked to the left of the Airball field and saw Mayana walking along the cliff side with one of her friends. The girls continued walking, making no indication they had noticed the boys.

As Chuan groaned and covered his face with his hands, Kaizan thought for a moment.

"Let's do this prank," he said finally. "And once you and I do this, we'll be able to do anything. It'll prove to you that you do have the courage to talk to her. And I'll be with you all the way."

"Thanks, Kaizan," Chuan said. He smiled. "I can always count on you."

"Don't get too mushy on me, there," Kaizan taunted. He nudged Chuan with his foot and Chuan lost his balance, falling backwards off the pole.

"Hey!" Chuan laughed as he steadied himself in the air and then scrambled back up.

The two friends tossed the Air ball onto the middle pole and then raced to the side of the court. Kaizan beat Chuan by a couple seconds, like he always did, and Chuan told him as always that one day he would win.

"In your dreams," said Kaizan laughing. The friends chased each other up the hill and back to the temple where they prepared to pull their most daring prank yet, while Chuan's thoughts wandered back to Mayana...

Author's Note

This chapter was short but it sets up for chapter three, which has a giant plot twist in store...predictions? :P

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