Ran and Shaw
Book 1 - Dragon
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Book 2 - Siege


Book 1 - Dragon is the first book in the fanon series Dragons, Sieges and Volcanoes, by AvatarRokusGhost. It begins approximately ninety-two years after Fire Lord Sozin began the Hundred Year War with the comet which later bore his name. Ratana has spent her days fighting this war on the side of the Earth Kingdom, but unexpected events in her future will alter the course of her life forever.


"Loving the diverse characters so far and can't wait to get to know them better. Great work, ARG! I'm hooked."
- Wordbender

"I love the group dynamic that's already present! Excellent work!"
- Mageddon725

"I really like how Ratana isn't some sort of bending prodigy right away, like Korra and Aang. Instead, she's actually human so she struggles at first and has to learn at a human pace."
- Omashu Rocks

"A most genius plot indeed. It all fits together so well! It's not hard to just imagine Jinora just referencing her story heroine as 'Ratana,' because ARG ties in his ideas so nicely... Shoot, Jinora might as well pull out that novel of hers and have us discover that it's named 'Dragons, Sieges and Volcanoes'!"
- Minnichi in her review with a score of 9.20

"This story has a complex storyline, but a simple-to-understand execution. Girl-meets-boy but with a twist. The organisation is wonderful. Because [ARG] has that plan I mentioned, he knows exactly what should go where, and he does a very good job of putting them there."
- Fruipit in her review with a score of 9.26


Chapter Chapter Title Summary
Chapter 1 Earliest of Lessons The beginning of the saga. One of Ratana's first lessons in earthbending and in life.
Chapter 2 Stone Walls, Wooden Doors Ratana and the rest of the Terra Team try to reclaim a Fire Nation colony in the Earth Kingdom.
Chapter 3 The Day's End A little downtime at the end of a long day.
Chapter 4 The Death of a Fire Lord In a very different part of the world, a very important person in the Fire Nation has met their demise. Could it be the Fire Lord himself?
Chapter 5 At the Marketplace Ratana takes a little trip to the marketplace with friends and family, but once she gets there, she finds trouble. What does she do about it?
Chapter 6 The Dragon Chambers General Iroh visits the sacred dragon chambers to celebrate his long-awaited anniversary, and sets new plans in motion.
Chapter 7 An Invitation to Dinner Ratana gets an invite to a dinner she is less-than thrilled about.
Chapter 8 The Prince's Secret All the cards come onto the table when the tea-loving Dragon of the West and the gambling-loving Dragon of Water get together.
Chapter 9 Raid on Gujuhmin: Part 1 Under the command of Colonel Quan Jing, the Terra Team and others in the Earth Kingdom army attempt to reclaim one of the Fire Nation's oldest colonies in the region.
Chapter 10 Raid on Gujuhmin: Part 2 The Fire Nation garrison at Gujuhmin turns out to be more of a match than they counted on, and Ratana decides that's her cue.
Chapter 11 Raid on Gujuhmin: Part 3 After rallying the remaining Earth Kingdom troops together, Ratana risks it all for the sake of a friend.
Chapter 12 Another Day's End A very different day's end. Shocking confrontations arise in the midst of the Terra Team's report to General Sung.
Chapter 13 Striking Meditation Two of the princes of the Fire Nation talk about the future together.
Chapter 14 New Mission Ratana is summoned to meet with Quan Jing and some other high-ranking Earth Kingdom officers to discuss her next assignment.
Chapter 15 House of Tooru Before departing, Ratana spends some time with one of those close to her at home.
Chapter 16 Guangcheng Ratana goes to the port in the Fire Nation-controlled colony of Guangcheng in the Earth Kingdom before crossing the seas.
Chapter 17 Leaving Home On her way to the Fire Nation, Ratana recalls some old memories.
Chapter 18 Gangkouz: Part 1 After a long voyage across the dividing waters, Ratana arrives in cognito at the shores of the Fire Nation. Meanwhile, Lu Ten finds himself unusually on his own.
Chapter 19 Gangkouz: Part 2 Ratana runs into someone that puts her off about what she's doing. Meanwhile, a deal that she's oblivious to, but effects her greatly, is closed back in the Earth Kingdom.
Chapter 20 Finding Shelter All on her own, Ratana now needs to improvise in order to get back on track.
Chapter 21 Struggles Ratana starts picking herself back up, and recalls the lessons she learned from her early earthbending training.
Chapter 22 Khomin Square Ratana returns to Gangkouz, and her destiny, along with that of others, find themselves on a collision course.
Chapter 23 Chase After finding herself on the run from multiple forces, the heroine finally gets somewhere in her legendary tale.
Chapter 24 Strangers in a Tea Shop After an action-filled earlier part of their day, Ratana and Lu Ten settle down in a local tea shop and get to know one another better.
Chapter 25 Proverbs Ratana sets off to learn more about the dragon spirits near the Fire Nation coast, and gets to know Lu Ten a little better.
Chapter 26 Surprise Ratana and Lu Ten reach the end of their outing following a brief crisis. Meanwhile, each faces an internal crisis of their own.
Chapter 27 Separation Unbeknownst to one another, Ratana and Lu Ten each have to confront themselves at the same time. As impending danger looms over them, they carry on with their half-knowledge.
Chapter 28 Confrontation: Part 1 Lu Ten reunites with his father and important preparation begins. Meanwhile, June chases Ratana and a long-inevitable duel ensues between them. With her tactics, along with her Shirshu Nyla, June proves to be a formidable foe.
Chapter 29 Confrontation: Part 2 After her pursuers increase exponentially and her encounter with June reaches a stalemate, Ratana has to think on her feet.
Chapter 30 Withdrawal With her two new companions, our heroine duels with a former foe to regain what is rightfully hers.
Chapter 31 Recovery Our heroine and companions tend to their battle scars and try to avoid some new ones now that they're on their own.
Chapter 32 Stalemate A quick look back on the home front, plus a shocking revelation regarding Ratana and those who oppose her in her mission.
Chapter 33 On the Road Ratana starts to think back to her home she left what now seems like a long time ago, and June sheds some shocking light on her current situation.
Chapter 34 Gathering Storm: Part 1 When they arrive in the Fire Nation Capital, the Ratana and her new companions find something which leads them to believe that the mission may not take as long as they thought, if they make the best of the information.
Chapter 35 Gathering Storm: Part 2 Ratana, June and Heidze break into the Vault and get chased around while trying to find where the dragon that Iroh fought resides.
Chapter 36 Gathering Storm: Part 3 There is a recruitment rally for the army in the capital of the Fire Nation. Collision occurs once again.
Chapter 37 Gathering Storm: Part 4 Going back to Iroh and Lu Ten, we have a family reunion, along with other reunions of sorts.
Chapter 38 Campfire Having left the Fire Nation capital and almost having reached Mount Koven, Ratana, June and Heidze sit around a campfire before going to sleep.
Chapter 39 The Crown Prince's Dragon Reaching the base of Mount Koven, Ratana searches the spot where General Iroh allegedly fought a dragon years ago.
Chapter 40 Sons of the Comet: Azulon The Fire Nation Royal family's past never dies, and continues to effect it's future. During the height of the dragons, the dragon chambers were the glorious temple the Fire Lord still remembers to this day.
Chapter 41 Sons of the Comet: Lizen The Fire Nation Royal family's past never dies, and continues to effect it's future. Prince Lizen has plans, whom he shares with his daughter Jaya.
Chapter 42 Back on Track Ratana learns something. Meanwhile, back in the Earth Kingdom, Colonel Quan Jing is acting strange, and Tooru begins to take notice.
Chapter 43 Detour Forced to wait before making the trip to Nongkun, Ratana, June, Heidze and Nyla stop on Ember Island for a surprise celebration.
Chapter 44 Nongkun Finally, Ratana reaches the place where the rumor on dragons originated. For better or for worse, she has what she's got to work with.
Chapter 45 Valley of the Ancient City: Part 1 Being pointed in a new direction to find what she seeks, Ratana and company set out to discover once and for all whether the rumor was truth, or mere hearsay all this time.
Chapter 46 Valley of the Ancient City: Part 2 Ratana, June, Nyla and Heidze chase after what they just saw in the sky above their heads. But are they reaching the goal, or simply running into more danger?
Chapter 47 Valley of the Ancient City: Part 3 Ratana and Heidze - now split up from June and her shirshu, find that they are not so alone after all in the deserted ruins they wander through.
Chapter 48 Valley of the Ancient City: Part 4 Even though he's the only one not in a bind and others are counting on him, Heidze faces dilemmas on what to do next, and being all-too-human, gets sidetracked.
Chapter 49 Valley of the Ancient City: Part 5 Heidze continues to learn more about the dragons and the place where they reside, and such information may just be the key.
Chapter 50 Fixation Lessons that Ratana learned long ago from her mother and father resurface in her current experiences, and the time comes to make a tough call.
Chapter 51 Scaling Ratana gets close to her goal at last, but as she does, others that have been with her along the way find themselves in their own sorts of trouble.
Chapter 52 Cave of the Dragons Inside the cave where the dragons Ran and Shaw reside, Ratana at last stumbles upon that which might help her stop the Fire Nation from laying siege to Ba Sing Se!
Chapter 53 Trance of Solitude With the persistent assistance of Sun Shaman Wu, Ratana looks deep inside herself and feels chills at what lies within, and also learns to let go.
Chapter 54 The King of Munn Aisin, King of Munn discusses his worries with Roshune, his esteemed advisor. Meanwhile, Ratana leaves the fires of change in her tracks.
Chapter 55 Returning Home Back in the Earth Kingdom at long last, Ratana goes to take up her spot on the Terra Team once again, parting ways with her companions.
Chapter 56 Trapped Again With Ratana getting herself back into trouble once again - surprise, surprise - it's up to the new alliance of Heidze and Tooru to help her out. Maybe June as well?
Chapter 57 Cottage in the Woods Much has changed for Shun Ping since Ratana saved his life and he found himself discharged from the Terra Team. But she is not the only old comrade of his knocking on his door now.
Chapter 58 Battle of Munn With Aisin and his fellow bender lords holed up behind high walls, Brawki and Roshune team up to coordinate the ground resistance to an attack mounted by Iroh, Lu Ten, Lizen, Jaya, Han Shui and their Fire Nation forces.
Chapter 59 Record from Gujuhmin Sneaking into someplace and stealing something. That's always been something that Heidze can find his way around with. This time, he requires help from Tooru, and Taigang delivers his report to Colonel Quan Jing.
Chapter 60 Aftermath of Conquest Reunited at last, Shun Ping discusses his argumentative strategy with Ratana and friends as Lu Ten and his comrades stand upon the field of victory in Munn.
Chapter 61 The Court Martial Ratana is on trial and everything is at stake. Can Shun Ping deliver a successful defense against overwhelming odds and a corrupting commander?
Chapter 62 Earthen Duel The climactic confrontation between Ratana and Quan Jing. Many are still around to witness it, and those on either side are not content to remain on the sidelines.
Chapter 63 Legacies Left Behind Ratana visits Sifu Brawki, her earthbending instructor from long ago, in the infirmary, and then visits the widow of one of her fallen best friends.
Chapter 64 Identities Taken Up General How of the Council of Five speaks with Ratana of the Terra Team in private following the verdict and aftermath. Then, the latter speaks to her earthbending partner about her crisis of identity, or lack thereof.
Chapter 65 The First Day of Many And finally, the Fire Army is at the doorsteps of the Earth Kingdom's impenetrable capital. Ratana, Tooru and the rest of the Terra Team face off against the forces of General Iroh, of which Lu Ten is still among.

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