Book 1: Resonance Trigger
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The Legend of Korra-Chitose Gen Crossover



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March 9, 2014

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Book 2: Equals and Opposites

Book 1: Resonance Trigger

On Korra's dimensional plane

It has been a month since Korra had purified the fused Vaatu and Unalaq and allowed the spiritual and physical worlds to remain connected. However, she has come to question her new role in this new age, the role of the Avatar now that a bridge between the two worlds was no longer required. She has spent the last several days meditating under the Tree of Time in the Spirit World, with only Mako for company, as he was worried for Korra's future. Under the Tree of Time, Korra communicated with Raava, and had learned to startling discovery... while Unalaq had been absolutely purified... Vaatu, at least in a weakened state, had continued to existence in another dimension. Raava had concluded that so long as she existed, so will Vaatu...

On Ryu's dimensional plane

Borero, stuck in this accursed clone body and unable to return to his original body for the time being, cursed his luck. Once again, his brothers have done him in. Once again, his anger and rage had been unfulfilled. "Damn them! The successors of our clan! Damn them to hell!!! I am left to wander the Leylines foe eternity!!"

Indeed, the power hungry Borero Amakuni was once again subdued and defeated. His newest punishment for his sins was to wander the Leylines, a place where alternate choices lie within ones' grasp, for good or bad. In Borero's case, it was bad. Behind Borero, a shadow of a man stalked him. Sensing his presence, Borero attacked without mercy with his Raijin, the Lightning sword, but it was vain.

The shadow spoke, "You would attack a shadow of a man? How cruel. And just when I was going to tell you how to escape your exile."

Borero sheathed his sword, bitterly asking, "Explain yourself! You have knowledge I can use, I presume?" The shadow's expression was blank; expressionless.

"I was once a great power... a resonance trigger if you will. I brought two alternate worlds together, and almost succeeded in connecting two worlds by injecting an ability from each world to another, creating an eternal resonance. I was sent here, devoid of a body for my sins. However, you have a body... and I sense the spirit who made me the first resonance trigger. I'd say it was a lucky coincidence you two ended up here at the exact same time..."

Borero turned his back on the shadow, saying, "Unless this 'spirit' is of equal power to that of my brother's Hell Dragon, then we have nothing to talk about."

It was almost that exact reply that the shadow has expected. "What if I told you that the first resonance trigger caused the dragon to run rampant? This 'spirit' is the absolute embodiment of the dark? It is more absolute than that great dragon Inferno. Imagine... the powers of the Dark Avatar in your grasp? That same power to become the next resonance trigger?"

Borero stood in quiet contemplation for a moment. Such a power should not to be ignored. For his ultimate revenge, he recklessly forged forward. "Where is the spirit now?"

The shadow revealed what looked like an eerie smile. "Follow me..." Within several moments, Borero and the nameless shadow traveled until they came across a spirit, though at the moment looked inactive. The shadow said, "I will use the last of my power to jump-start this spirit. It is called Vaatu. Once awakened, you must fuse with it." With that said, the shadow had dissipated and the vitality of Vaatu was restored.

Impatient, Borero looked upon the spirit while grinning, then said, "Spirit! If you want out of this place, fusing with me is your only option!"

Vaatu recognized the human voice and said, "Do not blame me if your body is weak in spirit!"

As the two begun to merge, Borero triumphantly laughed, "I am an Omni Human! There are none with greater spiritual capacity than our kind!" With the merge complete, Borero, now the second Dark Avatar, used his newfound spiritual capacities to create a door comprised of the power of the Leylines and Harmonic Convergence and escaped into it.

A silent observer had watched the New Dark Avatar enter into a world not of his own. This observer, none other than Josefubu, the immortal brother to Borero and Chireru, had assessed the situation adamantly and sighed, "Good grief... Looks like Ryu and Chireru are gonna wanna know about this, as well as heaven and hell respectively..."

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