Roku's Separate
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Legend of Tyquen



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August 6, 2013

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Book 1: Chapter 4

Book 1: Chapter 5: Roku's Separate

I left after the meal was over, leaving my friend's house that night. I went over to the Fire Nation facility and I heard a spirit's voice call me. At first, I saw an apparition on the 2nd floor but it shifted onto the porch like a jet. The employee said that it's okay for me to enter the sanctuary because I was the Avatar. So I went upstairs and opened the doors. It was empty until I saw Avatar Julien inside. "Tyquen, I have some important news to tell you," he said firmly. "There's a war going on, so I will tell you a story about Avatar Roku."  "Buttt-tt!" One day, younger Sozin and Roku were outside talking about what would have happened and then Roku saw Ta Min walking by. A desperate Fire Sage said one day that Roku was the Avatar when he was 16. Later during Roku's wedding, Sozin borrowed Roku for a moment. "Roku, I want to share this time of peace with the other nations." I didn't get what Julien was talking about Roku. No, but Roku didn't want that idea to go to Sozin's head. About 25 years later, Roku blew up Sozin's temple by using the Avatar State. Sozin was no longer Roku's friend. Then Roku's home island was about to blow up. Sozin watched it happen while Roku suffered the toxic gas. Aang was born after Roku died.

"Wooooo!!! How did you die, Julien?"

"I died from a tornado accident."      

I leave the sanctuary and I earthbent my way home. My mom is watching a movie when I watched her make popcorn.         

The end

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