Curse of Yakone
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Legend of Tyquen



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August 1, 2013

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Book 1: Chapter 2

Book I chapter III: Curse of Yakone

I was about to resume my duty as Avatar until someone got a weird curse. The curse was named after Yakone, a bloodbender. It happened about 1,200 years ago in Republic City, and Yakone almost got away with his crime, and unfortunately Avatar Aang took his bending away. "TYQUEN, OUT HERE!" Screamed a person in danger. My friend Amir, a great firebender, was about to rob a bank but I told him to stop, no one was left there. I thought I could never think that jelly boy would be spanked .But I thought that Zuko and Aang would fist bump either. "A tuxedo will go good for your graduation my love," said my mom, excited.

Avatars before me
Julien  Arriu  Mel  Korra  Aang  Roku  Kyoshi  Kuruk
Yangchen  Jaffar  Madachibi  Sannok  Keichen  Ursu  Rosumi  Erunuk
Ogwachen Tyaku Sakkoi Cotiruk Bekanu Ryaque Avini Davina Aanhi Satu Odani Cennho Tycownd Mayku Wan Amoruk
Water         Earth     Fire Air

I got so devastated after my graduation that I went into the Avatar State so quick, All spirits came running towards me. The building was destroyed so much, Unaggi, my polar bear dog, had to take me home and I was fast asleep. what a day that was after my outbursting devastation.

Book I Chapter III: Unknown Changes

It was a nice day and my friends Amir, Ukki, Somiri and Bej Beifong were playing in the river trying to catch fish .Then my mom said that I had to go to a city council meeting, only that the meeting was longer. "Tyquen, have you been realizing that you are the Avatar now. Here's the chart of all of your past lives passed down from a generation: I looked closely at the file and avatars before me on the other file only I was looking at the signatures.

The names were in order so I had to choose the 6 best avatars during the meeting.>>>>>

More info
Julien Arriiu Mel
Korra Aang Roku
Kyoshi Kuruk Yangchen
Jaffar Madachibi ??????????????{spider}
Keichen Ursu Aeeri

Here is where I put them down by:>>>

The past Avatars
Ursu Mel Korra
Roku Kuruk Aang

That evening, my animal guide rode me home on his back. 

The end.

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