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Legend of Tyquen



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July 31, 2013

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Book 1: Chapter 1

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Curse of Yakone

Chapter II: Okexim

I was eating at Iroh's for lunch and an old friend of mine appeared. I asked the waiter if I could have another bowl of General Tso's Chicken with noodles and it cost me 3 Yuans for the to go deal. My matter couldn't be shown but I took the bowl home with me. For some reason Republic City was fixed up and updated. The year was now 1397 AG. I thought the days were longer instead of short. So I ran to my home quickly to turn on the TV. No one was home at the middle of the day so I played a game of Pai Sho to calm down my nerves. Later my mom came home to make dinner.

I was planting lotuses in the backyard and used a shovel, Okexim was here. She was the meanest person around so I kicked her out of the house.

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