Republic City
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Legend of Tyquen



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July 31, 2013

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Book 1: Chapter 2

Book: 1 Chapter 1 - Republic City 

I woke up this morning and saw a flood outside my window. I go warn my mom and she starts messaging the council tower. I opened the door as my dad left earlier for work. Underneath the pillars I waited for my mom to make breakfast and let me leave for the high school. I knew a flood was coming and the high school was closed for repairs. Later that day Yingway, Yi Sazin came over for lunch because his house was hit by the floodwater. "Ty Quen, lunch!" My mother said very scared. I ran from the water coming towards the mountainside. "Air Temple Island has been washed away leaving all the airbenders, bison, lemurs and merchants running!" Said my friend.

A massive wave is coming closer to the mountains and closer until a big BOOM sound passed .Council member Kyangso and his wife Makkiana and their only son Kyangso II arrived at our porch for my dad Chief Saku III and the masters all ran from the water. A bigger wave at the docks of Republic City was bigger than the one before. The next day my granddad died. The funeral only lasted for 3.5 hours and my dad was crowned Chief of Republic City. I did firebending for the first time. The waves have gone away and people like earthbenders started to re-build schools, homes, stores, industries, restaurants and hospitals. The year is still 1396, only that it's August 15 now. THE END!!!

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