Bonus Scene: The Message
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Bonus Scene #3

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February 12, 2013

Wow, talk about a haul! The longest chapter yet plus a bonus scene!

The Message

Firelord Ozai,

The search was long and travailed, but I have finally succeeded. Having found the location of Wan Shi Tong's great library, I set out immediately to find it. The great source of knowledge is located in the heart of the Si Wong Desert, and the journey was difficult.

Upon arriving, the great guardian –Wan Shi Tong himself– asked of me proof of my literary dedication and the vow never to use the information against my fellow man. Slyly, I tricked the naïve guardian and with a small bit of knowledge bought my way into the wondrous library.

Therein lays infinite wisdom of everything known to man. Including the piece you seek. After long days of endless search, I finally found it, among other useful tidbits of the same design. Due to the overly sensitive nature of the information, I shall of course wait to reveal the secret in your majestic presence.

As instructed, before leaving the library, I have destroyed everything relating to the Fire Nation. No one will learn anything of us here, even if they managed to find the library.

For now, we can rest safe.

Your humble servant,

Lieutenant Zhao

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