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Battle for the Tower

Odd with Sokka and Aang...

After a long day of training, the three head to Odd's favorite cafe.

"Are you sure you will be okay with a glass of water?", Odd asks Aang.

"Yea. Some of these aren't really appealing. And I don't need to go all over the place like I did at your house again. I hated being hit with the broom.", Aang says look sightly embarrassed.

"...Well I believe I can handle some Sweet Tea." Sokka says after asking Odd to read the menu.

"I am going to get a Smoothie.", Odd says.

After they finished Odd burps. Sokka raises an eyebrow and smiles slyly. He waits the lets a louder one out.

"Oh you want a belching battle Well do better this!", Odd says then releases a louder burp.

Sokka burps even louder. Aang looks side to side and uses Airbending to belch so loud the windows crack.

"Oops...", Aang says slumping to the ground.

Everyone looks wide eyed at him and Sokka shakes his head knowing that was cheating.

Yumi and Toph...

"...And that is how I ended up with those guys.", Toph says finishing her story.

"So you were mistaken for a helpless girl but were really a tough capable fighter. That makes out why you are so rebellious.", Yumi says.

"Yes. Kinda like how people think your not Japanese.", Toph says, "And you know from what I know about Zuko he maybe hit on you."

Yumi blushes.

"I think that Firebender is a little too hotheaded for me.", Yumi says.

"Not only that there is a bright side to being a blind Earthbender. You can have a better advantage at certain things like stopping cheating gamblers.", Toph says.

Aelita and Katara...

"What do you think Aang and Sokka are doing?", Aelita asks.

"Knowing those two, something disgusting. One time the two with Toph played in Appa's shed fur and made wigs, arm pit hair, and beards.", Katara says, "One time we got Aang to disguise as an old man but he took it too far. He threatened the guard to give him a spanking."

Aelita gives a disgusted look at the thought of playing in fur and a shocked look at the old man disguise.

"So how do you like it here so far?", Aelita asks.

"It's nice but I am home sick. I still don't know why we are trapped here.", Katara says.

"I don't know either. Hopefully Jeremie can make a program that can free you guys.", Aelita says rolling over onto her back.

Ulrich and Zuko...

"That's the last of the takeouts.", Zuko says in relief.

"Yea. I am NEVER gonna let Odd use the phone to call takeout places again. He has gone too far.", Ulrich says placing the last bag full in to the dumpster.

"He reminds me of Sokka in away. One time Sokka couldn't even get his mind off of food for a second.", Zuko says.

Ulrich gets wide eyed. "That sounds like Odd too. If you waste a good meal he is gonna be mad. If you pull him away from his meal he will be mad as well. Odd has also hit on every female restaurant worker just to get some free extras if the restaurant isn't a self serve buffet. Most of the time it works.", Ulrich says disgusting Zuko.

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