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Bomb Strike is the fourth chapter in the Fanon, The Phoenix Chronicles.


The Invasion is to begin, soon. But, the team hears some tragic news.


Mian and the exhausted entourage, stopped at this inlet. They could have stopped anywhere, but tomorrow would be invasion day.

So, he had to meet Admiral Min to discuss the final plan. As the entourage set up camp, he waited at the coast and saw the fleet coming in.

He boarded the main ship, to see a stricken Min. Min had a note in his hand and there was a messenger hawk on his table. He quickly explained to Min, that the Water Tribe Capital City was besieged. He told them that they requested immediate back up, so they would all have to split up. Tia, who had just boarded, began to argue, when they heard a large blast from outside. They ran outside to see their camp being bombed by airships. Also, tanks approached, from the ground. On top of one was a man, probably their leader. He seemed to be enjoying this, he got off and began to throw fire blasts at Mian, Tia saved him with an earth wall. After getting out of shock, Mian bent the water in the seas to shards of ice and threw them near the Colonel.

Zuko blocks attack

Wall of Fire

The Colonel, just made a wall of flame and they melted away. Mian jumped on top of the short earth wall, and threw a large amount of water at him. Then he picked up a spear, and froze the point and threw it at the Colonel. The Colonel just made another fire wall, and all of Mian's attacks fell short. All around he saw soldiers fighting the tanks, and Tia was helping Ami throw rocks to hit the airships.

Admiral Min was fighting several soldiers on his boat. Zura, was blasting the Fire benders and putting out any fires. Mian knew that outnumbered would be an understatement, but they could not give up now, they had worked hard to get here. Another Blast, Sky had just been pinned down by a spearman, but Zura was on it.

He then turned to see about 6 large fireballs coming straight at him, he lunged to the ground. Mian, got up and immediately began to throw ice shards at the Colonel. He shrugged it of with another one of his fire walls. Then he made a straight line of fire towards Mian, who jumped and rolled. He got up to see more fire balls, he made a wall of thick ice, which seemed to stop them. But, he was immediately pinned down by a spearman, the Colonel walked up and aimed his next fireball for the pinned Mian's face.

Luckily for Mian, Zura was there to blast the two away. Mian, knew that the invasion was now a failure and called a retreat. A slightly dazed Colonel began to throw fireballs at the wooden fleet. Mian made a large, thick wall of ice surrounding the fleet and his allies. Everyone ran onto the ships as fast as they could. Luckily the ships were quite large and could hold them all. Meanwhile, the enemy had already begun to try to melt the ice wall down. So, Mian and Ami began to move the boat using waves and blew air into the ship's sail, respectively. By the time the wall had been melted down, the fleet was far away. But, now a new problem faced them. Whether to continue with the invasion or not. Min, met with several soldiers and told Mian, he would be going back to the Water Tribe. The invasion did not have a chance to start, and would not start. He also said many were wounded and needed immediate care, so he would make a quick stop near an close Air Nomads port.

The Nomads were beautiful sculptors, which was proven by the many statues in the harbor. This town not to far from their capital, Ami's hometown. Min, told them they would spend the night here and that many of the injured would be under good care by the Nomads. Ami, obviously, wanted to go see her home. Sky, who had never left the islands also requested to come along, which was gladly accepted. So, Ami and her friends walked through the small dirt road, and were soon at the Capital. Ami, immediately went to her house and surprised her parents.

Both had been worried, since she left for the islands. She introduced Sky, and the fivesome went up to the gardens to decide how to spend their "Vacation". Sky, then showed a poster of the Akubi Theater, where they were having a play about the previous Avatar. Mian agreed that would be interesting to see how their ancestors had been depicted. But, before they could leave Ami and Tia insisted on the beach, where they eventually ended up. As Mian, Tia, Sky, and several nomads began to play volleyball, Zura and Ami relaxed in the shade. Zura then asked Ami, if she wanted some ice cream, which she did. He went and got two cones, and gave one to her, a little more red in the face than before. Tia, also red, suggested they go seashell hunting and two went up and down the beach looking for some seashells. As the volleyball players returned they found Zura carrying almost every shell on the beach while Ami carried only one.

They decided to go back to the harbor, where Min said that they would spend another day here. Mian, was about to argue about the Water Tribe, but Min said that the situation there was under control, and showed him a message that had arrived. He said that the injured need some more time to rest.

So, the fivesome were about to go, up to the sleeping quarters when Min asked, "So, what did Team Strike do today?"

"Team Strike?" Mian asked. Min replied saying that every team had a name, and they should be called strike because they were good at "striking" or "beating people up".

"Huh?" said the confused 15 year old.

"It is also catchy," Min replied to which Tia said,

"True, fine we are Team Strike."

Airship battle

Attacking Airships

"Sounds a little weird, Oh well," said Ami. So, the newly named Team Strike went of to sleep. What they did not know is that several hundred miles away in the Southern Water Tribe, the winning tribesman looked up to see a large fleet of Airships.

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