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By NightHawk16117 Part of the No Secret continuity.
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Cheng, Smellerbee, Pipsqueak, Longshot

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At some point after the coup of Ba Sing Se, Bolt became part of the Freedom Fighters. He taught himself how to use dual dao swords, learning just the basic ideas, and adapting his own style through practice. He began to teach Cheng how to wield the swords shortly after Cheng joined the team. Later, Cheng decides to teach him some tactical analysis, because Bolt struggles with analyzing situations.


Bolt is always quick to jump to conclusions. He assumes things until he is proven otherwise, which can cause problems in his relationships with other people. This also causes trouble in the battlefield when trying to make smart tactical decisions.


Bolt is skilled with dual dao swords. He is self-taught, and has developed his own style using basic techniques. This is important, as he is not good with tactical analysis, so being a skilled swordsman helps in battle.


  • As of yet, the meaning of his name is unknown.
  • Until Cheng, he was the only member of the Freedom Fighters that was not part of the original team.

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