Fang (Spirit) By Gingalover Part of the Book Five: Memory, Book Six: Shadow, and Book Seven: Order continuity.
Dreaming Bolin
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Mako (brother)

Bolin is a kind-hearted earthbender and Mako's brother. He was a part of Kuvira's Earth Empire in the past, but during her reign, decided to rebel against her and helped in stopping her rule in Republic City.

History (After Book 4)

Bolin had gone through quite a bit since the battle with Kuvira. For starters, he'd gone through a growth spurt, making him a foot taller than his older brother. His relationship with Opal had rebuilt since the fight as well, both back together.

After some time, he and Wu went on out for a bit, enjoying some dumplings Bolin bought. He and Wu spoke for a while, thought it was mostly Wu who was talking, mostly about the new spa that was recently made. As they continued off, Pabu, Bolin's pet ferret, got his attention to a lost, nearly deceased, baby Blimpus in an alleyway. Unlike Wu, Bolin took more compassion to the small creature, and helped it to the nearest water source. He and Wu were left clueless when the Blimpus suddenly revived, and flew off.

North Pole

Time went by normally until Bolin was told by Ikki about the called on mission to the North Pole, which he agreed to go on. Bolin was going to head into the airship until Korra stopped him until Ziyou came back out. Soon after she arrived, Bolin went up in the airship. The time going there was rather boring and, eventually, the group stopped in a seaside town, where they ran back into Ikki. After some prompting, Bolin agreed to let her come along, and they continued.

During the trip overseas, while Ikki was telling her experience on her own, Bolin told her about the Spotted Hippo Wolf, describing it as 'like Naga, but more deadly'. When the group arrived in the North Pole, Bolin followed the others over to Desna and Eska's palace, getting the information about the problem. When the Qishi suddenly began to panic, he took a hit for Opal, sending him and her to the wall. After that didn't work, Bolin went with Opal, Korra, Mako and Eska (who dragged him off, referring to him as 'snowflower') to deal with the problem. He joined Korra in trying to seal the creatures away, but it didn't work and he was knocked back by the flea Qishi again.

Back at the palace, he found the place infested by the Qishi and tried to fight them off. He held up against the creatures for a while until Naga got the Qishi to go away, him joining Ziyou in congratulating Naga.

Fire Nation

When the group arrived in Jang Hui, Bolin went into town with most of the group, seeing Asami get infected by the Flower Squid's ink. When the local fisherman told them about the ink and its effect, Bolin asked him if it was another 'save-her-or-die' thing, which it turned out not to be. Bolin followed him into town, listening to his encounter with El Niño as they got supplies. Soon afterwards, they went back to find Asami laying down on the couch. Bolin insisted for her to take off the sheets, revealing the deeper effects on Asami Sato. With that, he waited in the airship until it was time to go.

When they arrived in Fire Fountain City, Bolin helped out in patrol, joining Izumi's soldiers on ground patrol to find El Niño, until Ikki informed him about El Niño's location. He managed to stop him by turning the earth under him into lava, but it wasn't enough to stop him from flooding the city.

Bolin remained as a close support throughout the rest of the El Niño incident.

Book 6: Shadow

After the events of Book 5, Bolin returned to Republic City and continued his life. Soon after, the prison holding Kuvira was attacked, and he helped fight off the creature. Later, he entered the Spirit World in order to learn more about the creatures. While there, he and the rest of Team Avatar learned that they were called voronon. One attacked Wan Shi Tong's Library, and once it was defeated, Team Avatar returned to the real world and planned on finding and stopping the other creatures.

Soon after their group had left, Bolin had been a good supporter while going along, fighting off the Voronon as they went, until Asami had the group's split up. After hearing about the events in Accuro, Bolin quickly returned to the area and soon took battle with Katayt and Koyot. Bolin helped Ikki and Jinora look around for a bit, until he eventually found out where Korra and Ziyou were, using his lavabending in order to save them from death. Afterwards, he helped carry Ziyou out of the ruins.

Bolin went with the others, bringing them over to Ba Sing Se, and waited by their hospital as Korra and Ziyou recovered. During this, he and the others found out about a "Two-Tailed Beetle Wolf" who was terrorizing the place and found one of the attack scenes nearby. Bolin and Kuvira rushed back to the hospital to get help while the rest stayed behind.


Bolin is a kind-hearted, and helpful individual. He's always willing to help anyone in anyway he can, and is willing when it came to trying to resolve a deep issue. His compassion towards others is something deep to note, always willing and never likes seeing others in pain.



Bolin has the unique ability to Lavabend, a type of bending skill normally done by Avatars, since it was done by both firebending and earthbending.

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