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Dec. 28, 2012




Avatar: The Last Airbender


Legend of Korra

He was lost. A million thoughts raced in his mind. What had he done? He had moved that rock. But he couldn't control it. He should have hit the firebender. But instead he hit his parents. Now they couldn't fight the man. It was his fault. It was all his fault. And now, he had no parents. What had he done? It was clear in his mind. Then he heard something.

"Come on Bo. Let's go find food," said Mako.

It had been like this for the past week. Find food. Eat. Move on. Sleep. They were going to go to Republic City. A place where people lived it up. Maybe someone would take them in. But who would be kind enough to take them in. But who?

"Bo, come on," said Mako.

"All right, I'm coming," said Bolin.

They had found some berries. It wasn't much. He ate just enough, but his brother was still hungry. But still. It was all his fault. His brother had to sacrifice so much because of him. They would be at Republic City soon. They would have to live at an orphanage. No friends. No nothing. For a moment he was overjoyed, but then when the rock hit his parents all the excitement had died down, it had died down so much that it turned into depression.

He wished it could end. But it seemed to go on forever with no stop. From one orphanage to another until one day they met a man named Toza.

"Come," he said. He sounded gruff on the outside but on the inside, you could feel love. "Let me show you a place where you can live and earn a living." He had Bolin and Mako close their eyes and then when they opened it they saw something magnificent. Bolin was awestruck. It was amazing. And then he saw a sign saying "Grand Prize 5000 yuans." With that he and Mako realized that their destiny was to win it. And win it they shall.

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