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The Final Avatar


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Chapter 20

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November 14, 2011

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Since a gigantic weapon didn't destroy the Fire Nation (entirely), maybe a monster will. That's what Boli thinks, but Zaru says otherwise.


"Though their bodies are encased in stone, they will forever remain in our hearts." The funeral manager walked off of the stage, and everyone rose to leave. They were attending a funeral service for the innocent lives lost in the recent attack on the Fire Nation. Erus and Zaru stood up, and walked back to their ride, a dragon known as Draco.

"Hmm..." Zaru said after about ten minutes of flight, "judging by our current position, I would think Boli would send an attack about now. He always seems to send attacks when things get boring. It's almost as if I'm a fictional character, and some psychotic author needs to keep things interesting."

Erus facepalmed at how ridiculous this comment was. Zaru slapped him. Erus slapped back. They both started shooting fire at each other until Patola, who was riding behind them, drenched them both in water.


"Yes Patola," they both said.

Then, Zaru's prediction came true. First one boulder. Then two. Then three. Then four. Then five. Then six. Then seven. Then about... three hundred? Four hundred? A lot. Draco started flying like a hawk monkey just to avoid the boulders.

"WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!" Wow, Patola really knows how to make everyone feel better, huh? Zaru smacked Patola, and told Draco to land. He did so, and they crashed. Draco was lying on his side.

"I'm... sorry. It looks like you're going to have to go on... without me. My one regret; I just wish I could have..."

"Shut up you big baby. You just broke a wing."


"Patola, work on Draco. Erus, where are we?"

"It appears we crashed in one of the sites that was destroyed by the raining boulders."

"Well I can SEE that. WHERE are we?"

"We appear to be exactly... on the ground.

Zaru facepalmed. Erus finally gave a regular answer:

"I believe we are slightly south of the palace. Though with his wing, we are in no position to get there."

"Then it looks like we're camping out." and with that, Zaru set up a shelter (using rubble from the large boulders that surrounded them), and they camped out for the night. And OF COURSE, Patola fell asleep during his watch. They marched in, and KICKED ZARU IN THE FACE!

"OW! PATOLA!? WHAT WAS THA... you're not Patola."

"No, I'm not. And I'm sorry about that. You know, it's really dark at night," He said this as if it was an interesting fact that not many knew.

"Yes, it is. Who are you?"

"I am a messenger from Earth King Boli." Zaru punched him in the face, and lit his pants on fire. The man quickly extinguished his flaming trousers, and told Zaru:

"A message from the great Earth King Boli: If you wish this terrible war to be over, meet me at Ba Sing Se, at high noon, two days from now." The messenger rolled up his scroll, and exited their makeshift building.

The next day, Draco felt good enough for a short flight, and the managed to make it all the way to the Fire Nation Palace (you know, before Draco fell out of the sky and crashed through a wall).

"Get me transportation to Ba Sing Se at once! I'm going to need one hundred soldiers, my bodyguards, and an Ice cream! NOW!" It was all arranged within minutes, and the next thing they knew, they were sailing off to the Earth Kingdom, many soldiers muttering about Erus' madness under their breath, and Patola trying to steal the ice cream.

"Sir, we are approaching the Earth Kingdom" they heard a while later. "Orders?"

"Meet with the Earth King's ships. They are waiting for us. Have your weapons prepared, but don't make it LOOK like your weapons are prepared. If they show any signs of aggression, destroy them. Otherwise, follow them into the Earth Kingdom, and we will go straight into Ba Sing Se."

A little while later, they were at the Ba Sing Se walls. They opened right away. Zaru, Erus and Patola marched right in, accompanied by the royal guards. The soldiers had to wait on the ship. ("Stupid loser heads!" You should know who said that.) They went right up to the Earth King's palace, and the doors were opened. Boli stood on the other side of them.

"Hello my guests, why don't you come inside? I have some tea, if you'd like some."

"And why don't you go jump in a lake?" Zaru said. "Or, I've got some fist, if you'd like some."

Boli, unfazed by this comment, had them come in, and they all took a seat around the table.

"Now, I know. You think I'm an evil tyrant. I can be harsh sometimes, but I am not evil. It turns out, we want the same thing."

"And what's that?"

"You see, I think a compromise can be made." And this is the part where the Dai Li dropped in, and captured Zaru, Erus, Patola, and Erus' guards. Of course, this didn't work, and Boli was too proud to know it wouldn't work. Erus and Zaru escaped their restraints instantly, and started throwing fire in every direction. They even threw some at each other. Oops.

"NO! My palace! My beautiful palace!" Boli screamed as he fled the scene. Then...

"RRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR!" Now, if you suddenly connected this with the title of this chapter, good for you! Except, this isn't the monster described in the title. But still, good for you!

The creature crept around the corner! Its shadow shooting across the entire room! And then it comes around... You expect it to be something small, don't you? Well, I'm going to inform you that it is actually a Gorilla goat. The gorilla goat shot at Erus, but he was too fast. The next thing they knew, there was a gorilla goat sized hole in the wall. Well, at least there wasn't a bigger monster being unleashed right now, right? Right? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Boli arrived in the room. "Yes! I have just executed order 66B! Now, the Fire Nation will be destroyed! Well, destroyed-er, because I already destroyed a good bit of it."

"And what is order 66B?" Erus asked.

"Order 66B is a genius plan of mine! First I give the order to release the... WAIT A MINUTE! Are you just tricking me into giving information?!"

"No! I am tricking you into giving me information, and I am distracting you so I can steal from your candy dish!" Erus said, as he removed a handful of candy from the dish. The dish crumbled as Boli's anger increased. First they were trying to stop his rule, and now they're stealing his candy? That's just too much.

"KILL THEM!" shouted Boli. Zaru rolled his eyes at this. Nobody could remember how many times Boli has tried to kill them. The guards didn't care. They approached Zaru and Erus, who fried them without effort. Boli was about as ticked off as an Earth King could be. Wait... nevermind. Zaru just lit his pants on fire. NOW he's as ticked off as an Earth King can be. "I WANT THEM DEAD! I WANT THEM DESTROYED! GETEM! KILLEM! IWANTEMDED! AAAAAAAA! DIEDIEDIE! JAOGLAVDLEPILONSETUNOTE!" While Boli had a nervous breakdown, Zaru and Erus ran for it. Then they came back, grabbed Patola, and ran again.

A little while later, Erus and Zaru were back at the Fire Nation Palace. Only one slight problem. They had put all of the Fire Nation cities that are still standing on lockdown. This is because of the large monster that was running through, trampling the nation. That's right. Monster. A very large, very dangerous creature that is evil and destructive. And it was tearing down the Fire Nation. It was fifteen feet tall, had more weaponry attached to it than a tank, and looked about as friendly as a rabid platypus bear with a toothache. It was Rose. And she just broke down the front door.

"Hello Avatar."

"Hi, how are you?" Zaru said. His voice was trembling as if he were at the Southern Water Tribe in only his underwear (which has happened to him once, long story).

Aang's armor


"Oh, I'm doing fine! I've never felt better. Sure, my body is made of metal, but hey! It could be worse! I could be you!"


"Yeah! I may not have a body, but at least I'm not going to be destroyed by the most powerful weapon ever made!"

"Oh. Yeah. Forgot about that part. Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to... umm... rip you into pieces now..." Zaru mumbled. Rose laughed at the tremble in his voice. Then, she jumped at him. He shot out of the way, but her impact left a crater in the ground. Rose rose (Get it? Rose rose! See, it's funny! Ah, forget it!), and she started swiping at Zaru with her over-large hands. Zaru was starting to wonder if there was any hope, when he noticed Erus wasn't there! Erus just happened to be on the ceiling. Wait.. strike that. He's now on Rose's face, trying to attack. The thing is, she effortlessly flung him away, and he slammed into the ground.

"Ouch. She gave me booboos," was the Fire Lord's response to getting slammed into the floor. Zaru rolled his eyes. This was stupid, as it gave Rose time to slam him into the wall. Rose approached them, but of course, the hero can't be killed! Right? There's always some random event that is not likely to happen, but does. In this case, it was Heesu Saro riding Draco right into Rose's face.

"Heya, Zaru! How ya doing? Things alright here?"

"Umm... I have four broken bones, the Fire Lord is currently fading in and out of consciousness, and if you haven't noticed, there's a fifteen foot tall princess destroying the capital."

"Could be worse."

"How?" To answer Zaru's question, some rubble fell from the ceiling, causing the entire room to collapse. Of course, Rose wasn't hit, but they were. Heesu cleared the rubble, and assumed a typical Earthbending fighting stance. Rose just slapped him with her claw, and he hit the wall. Of course, he was now bending like a maniac (some would argue he was one). Alas, this was not enough. Rose continued to destroy the Fire Nation Palace. In fact, it was only the sound of marching Stone Soldiers that caused her to look up...

There were about five hundred Stone Soldiers marching into the palace, led by Stroe Vintrel. This was the most Stone Soldiers that Zaru has ever seen. They must have brought recruiting to a whole new level. And if that wasn't enough, there were benders in that crowd. Lots of them.

They charged at Rose, throwing boulders, spears, arrows, and Zaru even thought he saw a few baby boar-q-pines hitting Rose. She fell to the ground, unable to take the attack. But wait... something wasn't right... Were those Stone Soldiers supposed to be flying? No, they weren't. Rose wasn't being defeated. She was overpowering an entire army. Four hundred. Three hundred. Two hundred. One hundred. Eighty. Fifty. Twenty. They were being smashed faster than Zaru could count. Rose was... unstoppable. Leave it to Boli to try to further "industrialization" by making a weapon out of his own daughter. Seriously, stop at tanks. Please.

Anyways, it was down to Heesu, Stroe, and about ten soldiers. "Just like old times," Stroe said when she caught up with Zaru.

"Definitely. Now, we usually win in old times, right?"

"Usually, though it would help if we could stop this monster."

Zaru jumped out of Rose's way. "Can any of your troops Metalbend?"

"None that survived."

They both rode a current of air that shot them to the other side of the room. "Do you have any high-power weapons? The Fire Nation catapults obviously aren't strong enough."

"We didn't bring any explosives. Doesn't the Fire Nation have an array of cannons?"

"If you're willing to wait 'two to four' days, then yes, we do!"

"Well, you don't have to take that tone with me!"

"Maybe I do!"

"Do you want to die?"

"Ohhh... look! She knows how to fight!" Stroe drew her sword. "Hit me. I dare you." She raised it.

"I'll do it! I really will!" she said. But, she didn't do it. Rose had just grabbed her, and thrown her into a wall. Zaru... you guessed it! Went into the Avatar State! Of course, he too was slapped into the wall, and landed unconscious on top of Stroe...

He opened his eyes. Everything was white. Wait... if he was dead, then why did it smell like roast chicken pig? He looked around. It smelled like roast chicken pig because Stroe was eating just that in the bed next to him.

"It's about time you got up. I was only out for a few hours."

"How long was I out?" Zaru asked.

"Hmm... I'd say about... two days."

"Two days? Okay." About three seconds... "TWO DAYS?!"

"Yup. Two."

"How was I out for two days."

"Well, you were thrown into a wall, and you head was actually stuck in it. They had to remove the wall to get you out. It wasn't hard though... Rose had already removed most of the wall."

"Rose! What happened? Was she caught?"

"Yeah. You can thank Heesu for that. After we were out, he pulled off some amazing bending. At least, that's what I was told."

Heesu came out from under Zaru's bed.

"HA! You admit I did better than you!"

"Umm... Heesu, I've been praising you for that since I woke up. You didn't really catch me doing anything new..."

"I'll get you next time!"

She laughed as he left the room. Her smile only faded completely when Zaru got out of bed.

"Where do you think you're going? We have to stay here another week, at least!"

"I'm the Avatar. I don't have that luxury. I am a master of fire, and air. I'm only half way there."

"Seriously Zaru? It takes an Avatar years to master the elements. Take a break!"

"Is Boli going to take a break? He kills your soldiers on a regular basis. It's my job to stop that."

Stroe remained silent as Zaru left the room.

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