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Boli is the main antagonist in the The Final Avatar series. He is the King of the Earth Kingdom. He wishes for world domination.


Early Life

Boli was born to older parents, both in their late forties. He was raised with the royal treatment as an earth prince. He was very spoiled, and always encouraged to engage problems head on, just like his father. Boli took this to far, and assumed all problems should be attacked.

Becoming King

After his father was killed, Boli was given the throne. He now had total control of the Earth Kingdom. Immediately after taking over, he plotted for more power. He decided the best way to power was simply to become the most powerful man alive by taking over the world!

The Tyrant's Reign and Zaru's Rise

Boli ruled the Earth Kingdom with an iron fist. He gathered an army of record numbers, and sent it to any problem. Any threats were immediately eliminated. Boli was not concerned about anything... except for the Avatar. He was the one true threat. After Zaru's announcing, Boli engaged in full war against him.

Battle of Omashu

Boli was leading during the later part of the Battle of Omashu. After the failure of his army, he personally entered the battle to end the Stone Soldiers. Discovering the Avatar was with them, he sent all of his bodyguards to kill them. The guards were killed, and Boli began to fight. Boli stopped Zaru and Heesu}} from coming, and fought one on one with Stroe. He lost, and they took him into their prison.

Imprisonment and Escape

Before Boli was captured, he had hired a bounty hunter who called himself Fiery Guy. Fiery Guy tracked him down, and threatened to attack Zaru, Stroe, and Heesu. After a fight, Fiery Guy broke Boli out as the three fled.

Rose's Capture

A while later, Stroe and Heesu discovered Boli had a daughter Rose. Seeing a weak spot in Boli, they took her. Boli was furious. He gathered an unusually large army, and charged down to Zaru's hiding spot. He demanded Zaru return Rose, but Zaru had no idea what he was talking about. He fled as Boli chased him. Boli chased him to the Stone Cave}} where he saw Erus strike his daughter with lightning. Boli took over, and saved his daughter's life.

Physical Description

Boli looks exactly like his ancestor, Kuei. He looks very young for his age.


Boli has a very evil outlook on life. He believes he is superior, and he should rule the world. He would kill someone for shouting at him.

Powers and Abilities

Boli is one of the most powerful earthbenders there is. He easily overpowers the most experienced of masters. HE is feared across the world for his lethal power. He has been seen lifting boulders larger than buildings and crushing mountains.

He is also a great strategist. He has planned battles with amazing success. He does not often show it, but he is intelligent.



  • Boli's name sounds the same as the term bully. This represents his personality.

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