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Bumi is currently the elected leader ("King") of Omashu, and a master earthbender.

Bumi earthbends
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48 ASF - Present/100 ASF

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Aang, Katara, Sokka,


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Elected Leader of Omashu

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The Mad Genius


Bumi was widely contested during his campaign for election, denounced as a madman and a fool by his opponents. Bumi embraced this reputation wholeheartedly, going off of the "Mad Genius" title for the remainder of the campaign. He is a dedicated follower of the ancient Avatar philosophy, and a member of a sect intended to preserve those ideals, similar to the Fire Sages and the Air Monks.

Bumi began a reform project during his first term, that improved the state of Omashu immensely. Despite signs of mental instability, Bumi has retained his position as leader for three terms now, and has shown no signs of faulty decision-making. Bumi is a champion warrior, capable of conquering a large opposing force singlehandedly.

When Team Avatar arrived in Omashu, Katara was arrested for coming into conflict with an EK soldier. She was imprisoned as punishment; Aang was informed that he would have to surmount several trials to earn her freedom.

After Aang's completion of the trials, Bumi swore himself and Omashu as an ally to Aang's efforts. In regards to a recommendation on who could teach Aang earthbending, Bumi advised Aang to head east toward a ghost town where a supposed earthbending master resided. Bumi allows Fire Nation soldiers to roam the city's streets as part of a neutrality policy, but he knows that it's just a matter of time before they attempt a takeover. Bumi engages in trade with the Fire Nation army, taking in stockpiles of firearms as part of their equal-opportunity deal, but once he obtains these firearms, Bumi has them smelted down and reformed into "proper" weapons.

Book Two

When Omashu was overtaken by the Fire Nation, Bumi surrendered his entire military in exchange for being allowed to leave the city as a free man. When he was reunited with Team Avatar, Bumi aided them in the Liberation of Omashu.


Book 1: Chapter 5

Book 2: Chapters 8 - 9

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