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With the destruction of the Blue Flame Army in the Battle of the Ursa Plains, the Boiling Rock remained Azula's last stronghold. It was heavily fortified and defended by the Blue Flame Navy. By this time, the Boiling Rock had been converted from a prison into a fortress fit for a queen. Azula had appointed Admiral Chan in charge of her army and prepared to launch a final attack.

Wishing to avoid a potentially costly battle, Philip, Sokka and Zuko planned a raid to take out Azula and her army's leadership. Following that, their armies would move in.

The Raid

The raid took place at midnight, during a full moon. While Sokka and Suki would create a crude diversion, the others would use their stealth to sneak into the fortress and defeat Admiral Chan and Azula.

It was planned that Sokka and Suki would use explosives to bring down the wall and their waterbending escorts would sink the remaining ships. Following that, they, along with their waterbenders, would rush the wall, thus creating a diversion. Philip, Nikkolas and Zuko would drop down from a balloon and take out their respective targets.

Sokka and Suki, along with their Northern waterbender escorts, captured a Blue Flame ship and packed it with explosives. After abandoning the ship, the waterbenders used their bending to propel the cruiser into the wall, where it exploded and breached the defences. The waterbenders then sunk two cruisers simultaneously. When a few soldiers awoke and arrived to inspect the damage, the waterbenders launched icicles. The soldiers returned fire, but were unable to strike the boats, as their blasts were extinguished with waterbending.

Philip and Nikkolas dropped down around the edges of the volcano. Fighting off many soldiers, they reached Admiral Chan's watchtower. Chan launched the first strike, kicking a ball of fire at Philip. Chan strafed from side to side and launched devastating fire blasts at Philip and Nikkolas. Philip stayed on the defensive and diffused the fire blasts before they could strike him. Nikkolas, with one sweep of his arm, converted a fire blast into water and struck back.

Zuko blasted down the doors to the new throne room. He was ambushed by the royal guards. Zuko parried their attacks and fired back. A guard was flung across the room. The guards continued firing upon Zuko and struck numerous blows. Zuko stood on his hands and span, launching a fiery kick that toppled many guards. A guard began generating lightning, but Zuko struck him down, only to find that another guard had generated his. Zuko redirected the lightning. Upon defeating the guards, he found the throne room to be empty, with no trace of Azula ever being there.

Sokka and his team were unable to make a landing. Despite the power of the full moon, they were suppressed by numerous lightning strikes. A direct hit sunk a ship. The waterbenders shielded themselves from the firebenders' attacks by creating a large ice wall. They then aimed their icicles at the battlement, from where the lightning came. Faced with a tough decision, Sokka ordered his escort to retreat.

Philip and Nikkolas were unable to take the offensive. They were forced to defend by Chan's fierce fire blasts and the efforts of his guards. Every so often, Philip was able to knock over a guard, or Nikkolas could freeze one to the ground. Eventually, Nikkolas stood behind Philip. Philip diffused the fire until Nikkolas emerged. Nikkolas wrenched his arms down. With that, Chan fell to the ground. He tried to resist, but was barely able to look upwards. Nikkolas flung him into a wall and commenced halting Chan's heart, thus killing him. However, he was interrupted by a shock impact to the flank by a bolt of lightning. Philip was shocked to find that Azula had been with Chan, bending lightning at Sokka's Team.

Philip stood by his friend's limp body and dispersed as many flames as he could. Occasionally, he would have opportunity to strike. Sometimes with streams of water, sometimes with fire, but mostly with air. Azula, being agile, was able to avoid every blast. When Philip saw his opportunity, he broke from the battle, taking Nikkolas with him. Philip was able to narrowly avoid a bolt of lightning.

Part of the wall collapsed. It was struck by a bolt of lightning. Zuko knew it was Azula's. Looking out, he noticed Azula and Chan bombarding Philip and a now conscious Nikkolas. Zuko launched two blasts and leapt into the fray. He separated Azula from Chan and targeted her. She launched many quick jabs of blue fire. When she attempted a fire kick, Zuko grabbed her leg with a long stream of fire. He then grabbed her arms and other leg. He had the upper hand and she was unable to fight back. However, Azula managed to break free when Philip was hurled through the streams.

Philip crashed to the floor and was unable to stand up. He tried numerous times, but couldn't remain on his feet. Azula took her opportunity and prepared to strike, but found herself unable to move. Chan attempted to help, but Nikkolas merely extended another arm and he, too, was unable to move. He lowered Azula and Chan to a bowing position. Zuko tied up Azula, and thus defeated her. Nikkolas then used bloodbending to remove Azula's bending. Unexpectedly, Philip kicked Chan in the bottom and propelled him with airbending. Chan fell in the boiling lake. Ironically, it was Philip who was scolded for his immature actions.


With Azula defeated and Chan killed, the Blue Flame was forced to surrender. This was the ultimate end of the Fire Nation Civil War. Azula was imprisoned once more, but without her bending, she would not be able to start another uprising.

Philip Hellene and Nikkolas were badly injured. Each received minor burns around the chest area and took direct hits from lightning. Philip was flung around a lot, and as such, suffered a few broken ribs. Only after a year, were they able to return to action, even so, it took half a decade to return to fighting condition. They entered Katara's care.

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