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Boflin the Terror
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Chapter 2 Boflin the Terror


"Aang, why are you getting all worked up over what some crazy lady told you?", asked Zuko.

"But what if she is right Zuko, what if she wasn't lying? I think I am going to ask Avatar Yoseng about Anti-Avatars.", replied Aang.

"You are crazy, you don't even know if Avatar Yoseng exists!" Zuko exclaimed.

"Well Zuko, Yo See, Yo Seng exists.", says Sokka with a huge grin on his face.

"Really Sokka, was that necessary, it wan't even funny!" screamed Zuko.

"Oh come on Zuko, we all know you only laugh on the inside, you have a great sense of humor." replied Sokka.

"Hey Sokka why don't we play hide and seek, you hide and I'll seek." asked Zuko.

"No way Zuko, we all know you suck at hide and seek, I mean you were seeking Aang for three years and you only were able to find him once you switched to his side." replied Sokka.

"Sokka, I am the Fire Lord now, you should show me a little more respect.", replied Zuko.

Sokka replied, "What are you going to do Zuko, make me the most wanted man in the Fire Nation. That wouldn't make sense because to the women of the Fire Nation, I am already the most wanted."

Zuko groaned and turned away from Sokka.

Aang asked, "Will you guys shut up and leave! I am trying to contact Avatar Yoseng."

Zuko and Sokka became quiet and walked out of the room leaving Aang alone.

Then Aang spoke to what seemed to be nothing, "Avatar Yoseng, I need your advice."

It took a little bit, but soon a blue light appeared in front of Aang and it became the shape of another Air Nomad that sat in front of Aang.

"Hello young Avatar, I see you want me to tell you about Anti-Avatars.", said Avatar Yoseng.

"Yes, tell me everything you know about Anti-Avatars.", replied Aang.

"That lady was not crazy young Avatar, the Anti-Avatars are real, although there have only been 2 before, the first was Rusnik the Horrible and the second was Boflin the Terror," said Avatar Yoseng.

Aang stopped Yoseng and stated, "Wait, Boflin the Terror was an Anti-Avatar!".

Yoseng replied, "So you have heard of Boflin, he was the last Anti-Avatar, he is famous for almost taking over the world but died of sickness from a plant he ate out of his own ignorance, this is the same way the anti-avatar before him died too. An Avatar has never been able to defeat an Anti-Avatar, and there is another now roaming this world, you must be ready Aang. This will be your greatest challenge yet."

Avatar Yoseng faded away, leaving Aang by himself. Aang got up and looked out the window, he saw the young city he had made. He looked across the street and saw a beautiful structure that was going to become the congress building and he saw a small stadium where a new sport called pro-bending was played. Aang was infuriated that someone would want to destroy the peace he had worked so hard to achieve. He would destroy whoever the Anti-Avatar was and make sure he will never return. At this moment Katara walked into the room.

"Sweetie, I heard about your Anti-Avatar trouble, I just want you to know I will always be at your side. I won't let this man destroy your dream of a peaceful world," said Katara, she took Aang's hand and held it.

Aang replied, "I am worried Katara, I don't know how strong my opponent is, but I know that just the four elements will not be able to defeat him, I must master a new art, an art he will know nothing about."


"Please Master Aku, it was a mistake. It will never happen again.", said a young man.

"You better hope it never happens again Amon, this is not the first mistake you have made, you are weak. I cannot believe you are the leader of my army. Another mistake Amon and I will destroy you." replied the cloaked man who appeared to be called Aku.

The young man named Amon got up and brushed himself off. He wore the clothes of an earthbender and had an emblem showing he was a soldier of very great strength.

"Amon, do you know why I picked you to be the leader of my army, it was not because of your great strength as an earthbender. It was because you will not be this strong for long, a great disaster will happen to you that will make you weak. A mask of shame will fall on your face. Until then I want to use your strength to conquer the world," said Aku.

"If you can see into the future Aku then what will happen at the end of this war?" asked Amon.

Aku replied, "I cannot look into the future willingly Amon, I can only see it in my dreams. I have only had these dreams twice. The first showing your future and the second showing the capitols of the world in flames."

A man entered the room, bowed to Aku, placed a scroll on the table, and left.

"What is it?" asked Amon.

"It is a piece of information I have been looking for, the last Anti-Avatars only controlled one element and I can't learn any more than fire, but there is one art I can learn and it will help me defeat the Avatar and burn this world to the ground and from the ashes a new world will be born. A world where I am the supreme ruler and there is no Avatar to challenge me." replied Aku.

Amon asked, "But sir, even if you kill Avatar Aang won't he just be reborn as a waterbender?"

Aku replied, "Amon your strength does not reflect your intelligence. If I kill the Avatar in the Avatar state he is gone and the cycle of Avatars are over. Just like if you kill me in the Anti-Avatar state, the cycle of Anti-Avatars will be broken."

"Sir, what type of power do you possess in the Anti-Avatar state?" asked Amon.

Aku replied, "I have the ability to lock spirits away for a very long time, making them inaccessible from the real world."

"No offense sir, but that seems kind of weak compared to the Avatar state.", said Amon.

"You are a fool Amon, by locking away spirits I can lock away previous Avatars, thereby weakening the Avatar state and getting rid of former Avatars that can give Avatar Aang advice.", exclaimed Aku.

Aku turned around showing he wanted to be left alone. Amon left the room. Aku smiled as he remembered the information he got form the spirit library.

Aku spoke, "Avatar Aang, your time in this world is coming to an end, with the power of the comet I will be able to destroy all of the capitals in the world. I shall name this comet, Aku's Comet."


A guard entered the room, he held a scroll in his hand, he bowed to the king, and gave him the scroll.

The Earth King said, "Hmmm, I wonder what this is."

He opened the scroll and read the contents.

Dear Eath King,

I am Aku, the leader of a powerful force of fighters in Ba Sing Se. I am sending this letter to you so that you will tell the Avatar that I exist and that I am the Anti-Avatar. Tell him that within two months the world capitols will be burned to the ground, including Ba Sing Se and Republic City. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I hope your relay this information to the Avatar.


Aku the Anti-Avatar

"I can't believe this Bosco, we must tell Avatar Aang about this immediately. I hope we are not too late," said the Earth King.


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