By Gingalover Part of the Ginga Densetsu Avatar continuity.
Boa Brothers
Boa Brothers
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Rocket, Jet, Missile (brothers)

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Bounty Hunter

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Book 4: Air (only appearance)

The Boa Brothers is a group of 3 boa dogs whom turned into a very successful bounty hunting team.

Book 4: Air

The Boa Brothers first appear after finding out about Hougen's offer and went to Ba Sing Se to get the job. For the heck of it, they stumble Hougen when he got outside and appear in front of him. After a bit of conversation, they get the job and they went on their way.

The brothers managed to track down and find Weed and, although he's not their target, kidnaps him. They were planning on beating him up until he can give away the location of Aang when they were scared off by Kaibutsu.

When they got back to Hougen, he killed Jet and Missile for their cowardliness, missing Rocket since he was given time to escape. Though the group itself ends here, the character Rocket continues on.

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