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The Blue Lotus is a new global militant organization founded after the Harmonic Convergence of 171 AG. The Blue Lotus' agenda is to replace the Avatar with the six Paladins, and finish what the Dark Avatar had started. The Blue Lotus tracked down every energybender, and used their gift to bestow the ancient arts of Lightbending and Darkbending on the Paladins and every member among them.

In its later years, the members of the Blue Lotus discovered that the Red Lotus had been surviving within the organization, intending to finish what Zaheer had started decades before.


The Blue Lotus was founded by the original six Paladins, who had fused with the six spirits of the mind during Harmonic Convergence. To save their own spirits from dying, they traveled to the Earth Kingdom, leading themselves to Sanrar, who had developed Energybending abilities. Knowing that there were other energybenders around the Earth Kingdom, they kidnapped Sanrar, and forced him to master his gift. Before long, the spirits within them slowly drove them mad. After learning that the Earth Queen Hou-Ting had been killed by the airbender Zaheer, they founded the Blue Lotus, intending to save their own spirits and keep the world free of tyrants.

They began capturing more and more energybenders, later founding their own navy and base of operations in the Southern Water Tribe. Over the next few decades, the energybenders were forced to bestow the ancient arts of Lightbending and Darkbending on the twelve Paladins.

Blue Lotus Members

The Six Paladins

  • Bagguk, fused with Fann
  • Massak, fused with Ogon
  • Cannaq, fused with Shah
  • Hallaq
  • Urrana
  • Hoddo

Other members


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