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Blue GDA
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Water Tribe

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North Pole


Fire Nation


Killed during landslide

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Ice Fang


Zuko, Aang, Smellerbee, Weed, more...

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• Book 1: Water ~ Ruling Of Blue - Book 3: Fire ~ Blue's Defeat

Blue is a Water Tribe dog and one of the main antagonists in the story. He was deeply involved with Aang and Weed before chapter 1, making him a deadly enemy.

Book 1: Water

Blue is a well known enemy in the tribes. He was born hated by many people, even his own parents didn't like him much. As he grew up and came time to go, he has created a unique advantage over other dog called Ice Fang. He used this on his parents first and was the first of his frozen collection. During most of his life he figured one detail for ALL life that made him so deadly... "Everyone's gonna die someday". This means that to Blue, it's alright for him to kill anyone, not making much difference since they're gonna die anyway. It's because of this 'rule' of his that he had managed to wipe out most of the residence of the Southern Air Temple, and killed others, including Smellerbee's parents.

He first appears when Zuko and Alam arrive in the North Pole looking for the Avatar. He first freezes the doors shut so they can't escape and then uses his ice fang technique to freeze not only Zuko, but master Pakku as well. He calms down the rest of the crowd saying he won't do it to them. He maybe a killer, but he's not stupid. Instead, he makes a deal that he'll release Zuko if the Fire Nation stops invasion. But he'll threaten to kill Pakku if he doesn't get the thrown to the North Pole. They had no choice but to agree and for a month, he remained leader. He appears when he freezes Korra.

He was expecting Aang to show up at one point, but when he walked in, he mentions a hint saying he was where Aang and Weed were driven out. And he lefts with Korra prisoner. He returns to his castle and set Korea in his "Trophy Room" when Ty Lee and GB arrive in as assistance for blue. Blue wasn't as interested at first, saying he already has 20 maids on him hand and foot. But however he does accept them as guards, but he told one of his subordinates to keep an eye on them anyway. He shows up later when he was about to eat when Katara and Sokka come in demanding Korra. Blue didn't really want to talk until he was done but nearly got a club in the face because of it. He tries his smooth talk, but they went messing around and pin him.

Now he finally started to fight and was about to get Katara with his ice fang when Aang rams her out of the way, getting Blue to bite him instead. He shrugs off the mistake and walks back to his thrown. But however Katara snapped at him and nearly kills the dog when she seems to also enter Avatar State! During this he got stabbed several times by her flying darts and a log sized dart knocked his fangs out, rendering the technique useless! When he tries to get up, Lee rushed in and stabs at him, keeping him down. But despite of this, he somehow disappears.

Book 2: Earth

Blue at this point didn't truly appear until the very last moment when Hougen invaded Ba Sing Se. He chucked a spear at Hougen to get him out of the way as he leaps at Aang and rips his back open when he enters Avatar State, which basically stopped the entire fight. After he did it, he looks back and said to him 'welcome to the real world'.

Book 3: Fire

Blue death

Blue's death

Blue at first didn't appear until Mel found him in a road. Blue at first was a bit annoyed that they were still following him. But after talking, Smellerbee attacked him and a duel started out for a bit until an unexpected landslide. During the craziness, he saved Smellerbee AND Weed, getting crushed in the process. He was barely hanging on to life when asked why he saved them both. He said that they showed him true kindness, something he didn't feel for a long time. He finally apologizes and closed his eyes forever.

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