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Blood and Water
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Darksome Knights: Resurrection


Book 1: After the Battle, Before the War



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October 14, 2011

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A New Brother

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Broken Borders

Blood and Water is the eighth chapter of the Darksome Knights: Resurrection and the eighth chapter of "Book 1: After the Battle, Before the War".


The warm sand burned against his cheek. This was all he could feel right now. As he regained feeling, he wished it were still so.

But no. He felt an immense amount of pain throughout his body. With what felt like a tremendous effort, he rolled onto his back. It exploded in pain and agony. He moaned, though he was sure no one could hear him. He cracked his eyes open and squinted against the blinding sun. Birds chirped somewhere above the treetops.

Enough was enough. It may have taken the effort of ten Titans, but he struggled to his feet. Reaching over to his right shoulder, he yanked an arrow out of armor. Golden blood flowed from the wound, but he continued to climb higher and higher up the island. He had a slight limp from a cut in his leg, and his raven black hair was matted with sweat and blood. His silver armor had dents and scorch marks.

As he climbed the mountain, he spied a hot spring. As he passed, the water began bubbling and steaming. His wounds began aching even more. Eventually, his willpower crumbled. He removed his armor and stepped into the water.

The warmth of the spring seeped into his wounds. It felt almost as if it had entered his bloodstream, healing his cuts and giving him back his strength. He relaxed and allowed the water to work its magic.

A rustling in the bushes snapped him out of his relaxed state. He stood up, water dripping from his cloth pants. He prepared himself to fend off any attackers.

A meadow vole hopped out of the brush. He lowered his arms and shook his head. He stepped out of the spring and put his armor back on. Though the pain was starting to return, he continued his climb up the island. He would heal his wounds on his island and return home.

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