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November 4, 2009

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Blood and Garlic is the eighth chapter of Long Feng. It introduces Haru to the story.


Yue, now home from her vacation, was ill again. Her neck hurt, and she had nightmares.

She was sleepwalking again, and kept seeing strange things outside her window. Sokka was alarmed, and called for his good friend Dr. Jet.

Jet, puzzled, decided to ask his wise old tutor, Professor Haru. The Professor hurried to help Yue, all the way from the Earth Kingdom. "The disease interests me.", said Haru.

At first Haru said Yue's illness was worrying but not dangerous. But that night she took a sudden turn for the worse. She had lost blood, and needed an urgent transfusion! Sokka offered to give his blood for Yue, and she was saved, for now.

Haru was worried about Yue's neck wounds. He returned home to consult his text books.

Jet guarded Yue all through the night. She slept peacefully and looked healthy. But the next night, Yue slept alone......and by morning, she was worse than ever. Haru returned, and gave her some of Jet's blood. Again, Yue recovered.

Haru shut Yue's window, gave her garlic flowers to wear, and hanged garlic at the window. Yue felt better. "These are medicines.", explained Haru.

But no one explained to Yue's mother what the garlic was for! She took it away and opened the window, thinking that fresh air would be good for Yue......and by morning she was closer to death than ever. Yet another transfusion was needed, this time from Haru himself. "The power of the devils are against us!", exclaimed Haru.

A few nights later, as Yue and her mother lie awake, they heard howling all around. Suddenly the bedroom window shattered and the wind rushed in. In the opening, the two women saw the head of a great grey wolf.

Terrified, Yue's mother clutched at the garlic flowers, tearing them from Yue's neck. She fell back onto the bed. Yue realized that her mother had died of fright.

Yue could not move, as though she was under a spell. The wolf had gone, and the air was filled with a shimmering, moonlit dust that poured in through the broken window.

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