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Blazing Dawn (TLAT)
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The Lost Air Temple


Book 1 Fall of the Sages


10 Blazing Dawn

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Last Time On TLAT The escape has begun for Gatton and the mystery man. Elsewhere, Finosa makes her own escape.


"Where am I?" Gatton awoke from his sleep all night. His eyes glanced at a room, which he don't recognized. The Avatar wondering what had happen, yawning and remembered his nightmarish day.

"You had just came into the city, Sir," said Gatton.

"Anyway, Mr. Avatar, I was with a group. Who was I with? It was a group, wasn't I? So we went into town to perform... That's it I was in the circus," said the magician.

"A circus?" Gatton quizzed.

"Yes, I already said that. So I was performing. I was a magician. A wonderful magician at that. I was doing one of my acts when, well, after that it gets blurry," said he.

"Well at least you remember something..." Gatton said, distancing himself.

"I feel so much better, but you seem more distant now," said the mysterious man.

"I am just worried about my family. Also I have barely slept for days," said the Avatar.

"Why is that?" the man asked.

"Well it's a long story," said Gatton.

"You need your rest before the battle. I'll stand watch, don't worry," said the mysterious man in a calm voice.

Thoughts ran through Gatton's mind. Was a battle really imminent? What did the strange omen mean? He couldn't stop thinking about what the fortune teller had said. Her words and his vision of destruction ran in his head until he nodded off to sleep, at last.

Finosa saw the sages, all in fighting stance. One raised his hand, but Finosa saw this and easily saw an opening. Her flames burnt the sage, but then something dawned on her. A sage wouldn't be so sloppy. These weren't sages at all; they were assassins. Probably almost half the people fighting on Raingeous side weren't sages. They infiltrated the sages temple to make the coup look large and powerful. She focused back on the battle in the nick of time because a blast of flames was coming right at her. She moved to the left to dodge the attack and prepared a fire bomb attack.

"You wouldn't hit a defenseless girl, would you?" she asked.

Finosa jumped, spun in the air and threw a bundle of fire bombs. Directly, the bombs exploded and two sages knocked to the ground. Almost beat them, the sage stood up and pulled out five stilettos. Finosa once again leapt over the air, attempting a fire jab to the sages. Almost attacked them, a stiletto hit afflicted her right arm. Finosa screamed in pain, trying to pull the stiletto. The cut was deeper now and she was bleeding. The assassin towered over her. She took out her fabric belt and wrapped it around the wound to stop the bleeding. She looked at the weapon in her left hand stained deep red. She took it and through it at the last man. It was over; she had won. She stood up her right arm felt warm and tingly. She knew that the exit was near, but there would be guards. Real masters who had trained almost all their life. At least there would be no stilettos.

Baizken looked into the sages face. It was smiling, looking forward to a battle that he thought he would win, no he knew he would win. However, Baizken's face was the shear opposite. He was a non-bender going up against a master fire bender. He wasn't feeling to confident. Bard launched to fire punches. Scared, Baizken barely dodged the attacks.

"Boy, you only delay your demise. For soon you will be out of time."

The sage launched a powerful fire blast directly at the boy. To big and to close to dodge. Baizken held out his sword in a blocking motion, preparing to die, get injured, or who knows what. He closed his eyes. He opened them and he was alive. Not a scratch on him. His right hand felt hot; he looked and his sword was glowing a little.

"Wa Shi Tong only knows, why that sword doth glow," said Bard in a confused voice.

The sage launched another blast, same results. He tried over and over again expecting different results, the true definition of insanity. The sword was glowing a bright red now.

"Of course, it all makes sense. The sword is a dragon's tooth cut into the shape of a blade covered in metal," said Baizken.

Bard was angry. He couldn't comprehend what the kid was saying, so he made two fire daggers appear.

"Henceforth, since dragon teeth are immune to burning as well as being able to keep fire away from the gum line. Plus the iron equals a glowing hot sword. I sound like Grandpa. But, wow this swords cool; certainly worth my gold pieces," exclaimed Baizken.

He then looked at Bard, who was rushing towards him with fire daggers in both hands.

"Let's dance," Baizken said with a smirk.

You could here the sounds throughout the room echoing. The only way to describe it is a cross between an explosion and the sound of a hammer hitting and bending hot iron. The swords one material and 2 of flames clashed. Baizken tried to block the attacks, but when he did he had to prepare for the next strike. There was no time for a counter strike. The sage, however, was leaving opening room for a strike, but it was during the time he attacked. Bard's 2 fire daggers met Baizken's one sword. They both pushed each other backwards. They both were left panting. The sword was starting to burn and blister the boy's hand.

"I can't take much more heat," he muttered under his breath.

"What was that?" asked Bard.

"Ha, you didn't talk in rhyme," stated Baizken.

"It's not like I'll explode or turn into a toad," said Bard.

The Avatar enters a state of dream, all he can see is darkness.

"Sleep, Avatar, sleep," said a voice.

"What?" asked Gatton in a tired voice.

"My time nears. A time of a glorious reign," the voice continued.

"Who are you?" Gatton said.

"I guess you could say I am you," the voice said.

"What's that supposed to mean? Wait, are you..." asked Gatton, but he didn't finish his sentence.

"The dark Avatar or the evil king of the world. The one who will bring a time of peace is my favorite," said the apparent Avatar.

"I don't understand. You're an Air Nomad. You're supposed to be peaceful," Gatton said.

"I wouldn't be stereotypical if I were you. And my time will be a time of peace," the voice said.

"So you've said," said Gatton.

"You mean so I've said. I am you after all," the reincarnation said.

"We are nothing alike. I don't even know you," Gatton's expression went mad.

"You sure?" asked the voice.

"Yes," muttered Gatton.

Lightning flashed, illuminating the figure of a young man. Gatton attempted to run closer to the man, following the sound of his voice.

"Go ahead, hit me with your best shot," the dark Avatar said.

Gatton prepared an air blast not to hurt him, though. He tried, nothing.

"Why can't I bend?" Gatton said.

"Neither can I. Oh well, see ya," said the other Avatar.

Lightning flashed once again and Gatton got a good look at the man's face. He had a mark on his chin, a small beard, and a black arrow with 2 black dots on it. The dark Avatar disappeared into dust, before Gatton could get a real good look. Gatton woke up to a tap on the shoulder from his mysterious friend.

"It's time to get back to the main hall, Avatar," said the man

A man looks out on the balcony at the top of the temple onlooking the city. A janitor styled man walked out onto the balcony with him.

"Today's the day," said the janitor.

"It is the day the Avatar falls, the city falls, and the country falls. A new nation shall rise, my nation," Raingeous said, as proudly as possible.

"What about Bard?" asked the handyman.

"You can burn that hog-monkey for all I care. I will be the only one in power," shouted Raingeous.

"Sir," he was cut off by the sage.

"What are you gawking at?" said the sage.

"Sir, I came out here to tell you some news," said the janitor.

The janitor tells the soon to be supreme ruler everything. About the escape of the Avatar and the mystery man and how more than a dozen men are injured or almost dead.

"You can kill them all, but I want Smoke alive. He is a valuable asset," Raingeous remarked.

"Yes, my lord," the janitor said as the sun peaks over the water.

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