Blaze in the Night
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Huo Shijian





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Across the horizon there was a streak of light. It reminded me of the four elements. The white streak was air, the orange lining was filled with fire, the night sky above me was the color of water, and right below my feet was earth. I felt at my most powerful, like I was in the Avatar State, which I was for a split second. My friend walked up beside me. "Zanon, what are you doing out here?" He asked, I stayed silent. I wasn't myself. "Zanon, talk to me." Then I spoke.

"It's fine Haku, I just feel... different." Haku replied.

"I see that you're confused. Is it because you just found out you were the Avatar?"

"I just can't believe it, there is only one Avatar out of the billions of people in the world and it's me? I mean are the Sages right?"

"The last Avatar was in earth, and you were born at the same time as his death." he said.

"I know. But how did the Fire Sages for sure know that it was me?"

"Because you picked the last four Avatars' belongings out of 1000 toys. It is always the Avatar who picks those toys. Besides, you can look forward to waterbending with me." After hearing that I felt much more comfortable with the Avatar situation.

A few days later while I was packing, I heard a woman screaming. I flew over on my dragon and saw a town on fire, it was the middle of the night and the fire was intense. People came running out of the village and I saw the cause, it was Sozin, he was alive? No, he must of snuck out of the Spirit World. It was weird even for a man like Sozin to burn a part of his own nation down. I came in and told whoever this man was to leave the town alone. He refused and tried to shock me, I redirected it at him but he was gone the moment it touched him. Maybe I killed him. I looked Sozin up on my computer and he is dead, I asked the Fire Sages and they said he is dead, everyone says he is dead. I didn't know what happened that night but the Fire Sages says that maybe it was his spirit and that he snuck out of me while I was sleeping. That's what I thought, but I knew there was something wrong.

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