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Unknown Location

Drip, drip drip. The sound of dripping water echoed loudly in the underground base. A man strutted quickly in his black coat, and as he moved, several elephant-rats leaped out of the way. The condition of this place was poor, but if his young prodigy could accomplish her mission, he'd be living in a far grander place in just three days. He stopped in front of a wooden door, originally painted green but now you couldn't tell the difference between paint and moss. He knocked once and it swung open. Inside, a young girl was seated, sharpening her jian sword.

"The day has come Juan. If you complete this mission, our wealth will double, if not triple," he said in a low and boastful voice.

"And if I fail?" she asked. It was clear she knew the consequences; failure meant death, and was definitely not an option.

"Do not even think of failing. Now get ready, I want you at your peak. Assassination is not an easy job, yet alone kidnapping." He breathed firmly, and moved to leave when she muttered something under her breath.

"You talk big, yet you're just a lazy old geezer who hasn't even killed a rat in his whole life," she remarked mockingly.

"What did you say?" he shouted, raising his voice despite the silence in the room. Before he could move, four icicles pinned him to the wall. She stood up and faced him; her sapphire eyes radiated in the sunshine, and her blue hair with black bangs only made her more beautiful. No one would believe she was only fifteen.

"When you make yourself more useful, I'll talk to you. Otherwise, once I get that money, don't even come near me, if you value your life." She melted the ice and shut the door.

The man stood in terror. This was his first time being insulted by his own worker. He limped away, with huge holes in his shirt. Never before had he seen such a beautiful girl filled with such hatred, who regarded human life as that of the ordinary elephant-rats she killed on sight. She had never failed a mission and would not start now, even if it was Fire Nation royalty.

North-East of Republic City

Kenji was confused, more confused now than ever. Dai Li were benders, and Equalists were non-benders who sought the destruction of all benders. Nevertheless, he believed one was being used as a pawn by the other. With his dual dao swords in hand, he prepared himself. He put himself in a defensive stance, waiting for the enemy to attack.

"What are you waiting for? He is only one boy. Attack!" The man commanded them and they leaped forward. The Dai Li shot several rock gloves at him while the Equalists lunged at him in an attempt to block his chi. Sai quickly flew away from the scene of the battle; if he was there, not even Kenji, the strongest firebender Sai had ever seen, stood a chance.

Kenji grinned with a proud look on his face. He hadn't even noticed the talking falconbat fly away. He would have to deal with that issue later.

"I think I'll show you why my nickname is Kenji of the Jasmine Breath," he said with bravado. He inhaled deeply and exhaled a torrent of hot air from his mouth. The rock gloves flew back and the non-benders were scalded. He proceeded with his attacks, firing several fireballs at his opponents. His target was the Dai Li agents, they would be the greater threat. While attacking the benders, a non-bender moved close to him and got three jabs on his left leg, which immediately went limp.

"This is getting really annoying!" Kenji shouted. He picked up the swords he had dropped earlier and spun them swiftly above his head. With each swing, a torrent of red flames emitted from the two metal weapons. Upon reaching maximum force, the flames encircled into a giant fire tornado. The tornado took out the two factions that had teamed up against him, not even the earth shields that the Dai Li sprung up could stop the impact. Once the dust and smoke cleared, Kenji stood alone, facing the five hooded figures up on the roof.

"Is that the best you've got?" he said. He fired a stream of blue flames at the five of them, but the largest deflected it easily. He hopped down and the one of them quietly whispered his name. Gozen, yes that was it. Kenji could tell that he was the toughest of the five.

"Gozen is it?" Kenji remarked scornfully.

"You... will... die... here." Gozen was a relatively slow talker, but in his case, action spoke louder than words.

Kenji was finally able to feel his left leg, but just barely. He rushed at his opponent, and sent a stream of blue flames from the tip of his blades. Before the flames could reach him a stream of fire tore through and reached Kenji. This is bad, he's using combustion, Kenji thought. With his paralyzed left leg, dodging was not an option. He raised up a fire shield but the blast effortlessly tore through it. He was sent flying several meters back. He crashed into an old store where glass tore his clothes and cut his skin. He staggered like an old man, blood staining his clothes. Gareth removed his hood, revealing the tattoo of an eye on his forehead, and two palms. His face was expressionless, he had a small black beard and thick eyebrows. Kenji breathed slowly, as though it was going to be his last.

Finally it happened; the three blasts of combustion tore through, soaring at Kenji at breakneck speed. There was nothing he could do, his fate was inevitable.

Fire Nation Capital

Fire Lord Zuko, Fire Lady Mai and their daughter Saru, who had initially refused to go to Republic City, were about to board an airship to the location. Team Avatar would reunite at the city along with the world's leaders for the national peace summit which took place every two years. Also, this was an opportunity for Zuko to monitor his son's movements. It was a win-win situation.

Unknown Location

"As you all know, the national peace summit is in five days time. This is a chance to ambush the weakest member of the Fire Nation Royal Family and hold her for ransom." The man speaking was the same person who had been in Juan's room earlier.

"This mission is of extreme importance and hence, there should be no slip ups. To that end, our star prodigy Juan will be accompanied by two other elite members. This time we will surely be acknowledged!" The hall was filled with chants of the blood thirsty assassins but Juan, the main attraction, was completely uninterested. Her target was quite simply, the non-bending Fire Lady Mai.

North-East of Republic City

Xue hurried on to the scene. If the information she had received was correct Kenji was in grave danger. Leading the way, the falconbat sped on until it made a screeching noise. Xue stood in horror as she saw Kenji's lifeless body in a pool of his own blood.


Author's Note

This chapter was broken into two parts because too many people have been asking for it, and I didn't want to disappoint my fans. Sorry for the delay, I hope you enjoy it!

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