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Blas Feng is the fourth episode of Kinu's Adventures: Between Two Avatars and the fourth episode of Book One: Travel to the Northern Water Tribe. In this episode, Kinu and Li Chung find a boy named Blas Feng, descendant of the wise Long Feng, and they start a new adventure...


Kinu and Li Chung stop camping in a forest when some Dai Li agents captured them and take them to a boy named Blas Feng. Blas Feng makes them do a couple of things, questioning, etc. Who is Blas Feng? What will happen in the episode?

Episode 4: Blas Feng

Water, Earth, Fire, Air. Over 30 years ago, Avatar Aang ended the war of 100 years and restored harmony in the world with the Fire Lord Zuko. Will it be possible to maintain peace in the world, while the Southern Water Tribe falls into a spiritual decline? Can the master of water, Kinu, help your tribe? KINU'S ADVENTURES: BETWEEN TWO AVATARS.

Previously, Kinu and Li Chung made a new friend named Tinz and had an adventure in the Southern Air Temple. They met the Avatar, Aang, and his son, Tenzin, and they saw the Avatar entering in the Avatar State and defeating Noatak. But this was passed 2 weeks ago, and now it is another year, because if the Glacier Spirits Festival is in winter, now is another year. What can pass in the forest?

(Kinu and Li Chung are in the sea, waiting for arrival in the Earth Kingdom.)

Kinu: Li Chung, see the map for now where we are.

Li Chung: (Sees the map.) Ahmm... if 12 days ago, we left the Southern Air Temple... I think we are near the Earth Kingdom.

Kinu: Cool, so we can camp.

Li Chung: It's a forest.

Kinu: Okay, forget it... What could go wrong? (The water starts moving.) Not again...

Li Chung: What? Other spirit?

Kinu: I think yes... (The spirit comes forth from under water.) Yes, I was right.

Li Chung: Now what?!

Kinu: Fight. (Kinu attacks the spirit with waterbending, but the spirit throws them out of the sea.)

Kinu and Li Chung: (Flying) Aah! (They fall in a beach near a forest.)

Li Chung: Where we are?

Kinu: I think we are in the forest which you saw on the map. Thanks for the push, spirit!

Li Chung: We can enter in the forest and camp there.

Kinu: Okay.

(Changes the scene to the forest where Kinu and Li Chung are walking with their things.)

Kinu: I can't believe who our thing fly with us.

Li Chung: Yes, that was very convenient.

Kinu: Yes... Oh... I'm tired. I can't walk.

Li Chung: Okay, me too. We can camp there. Let's get the tents.

(Kinu starts doing the tents when Li Chung is igniting the fire.)

Kinu: (Hears a noise in the bushes.) What was that?

Li Chung: What was what?

Kinu: (He hears the noise again.) This noise.

Li Chung: I hear it too. It comes from the bushes. Let's take a look. (He approaches the bush.)

Kinu: What is there, Li?

Li Chung: I see a... (Some Dai Li agents surprise the boys coming from the brush and attack them.) Aaah!

Kinu: What's happening? (He sees the Dai Li.) Dai Li agents...

Li Chung: (Caught in earth.) Help me!

Kinu: Okay, okay. (He starts attacking the Dai Li with waterbending. A Dai Li attacks Kinu and hurts him.) Auch! (He attacks the Dai Li and him down. But from behind, others come and catch him in earth.) Let me out!

(Kinu and Li Chung wake up in another camp, tied to a tree.)

Kinu: Where I am? What happened?

Li Chung: The Dai Li agents caught us and they steal all of our things.

Kinu: What? (He sees a boy with torn clothes.) Hey! Who are you? did you steal us?

Boy: I'm Blas Feng. Everything that is in my forest is mine. What are you doing in my forest?

Kinu: We were only camping when your Dai Li attacked us.

Blas: Sorry. I've got much hate in me. Dai Li, release them! (The Dai Li release Kinu and Li Chung.)

Li Chung: Oh, thanks.

Blas: Here are your things. You haven't got nothing important. (He throws his backpack and the tent to Kinu.)

Kinu: And, Why you are here?

Blas: All starts when I have only few years. (It looks like the memory of Blas.) We went with my family to Republic City, and in the hotel, my mother and sister died because we were stolen. My father had intended to leave Republic City. He took me to the forest, without hope, and he told me what happened. I was small, and he knew that growing, I remember that moment. He abandoned me, only here. Years later, I learned only the earthbending and I found the ultimate Dai Li. Knowing who Long Feng was, my grandad, they were left to protect me. This is my history here.

Li Chung: What a sad story... Long Feng is your grandad?

Blas: Yes, Long Feng was released from jail when it was over 8 years and the war was over. He married and he had my father and my aunt, and my father had me.

Kinu: Good story, but we have to leave it now.

Li Chung: Stop, Kinu. We no need an earthbender to fight with the spirits, and for join us on our journey?

Kinu: You're right. Blas, you have good luck. You can go with us to the Northern Water Tribe.

Blas: What? Travel? So you can... (Kinu interrupts. Li Chung takes the bags.)

Kinu: Yes, yes, yes... Cool, cool. But first, show us your skills of earthbending.

Blas: Well, as you say. (He does earthbending and he ups the entire camp.)

Li Chung: Wow... Incredible...

Kinu: Cool... okay, you accompany us. But take the Dai Li agents.

Blas: Okay. But I'll go with you on one condition. First, you can take me to Ba Sing Se to see my father.

Kinu: What?! Never! Ba Sing Se is very far!

Blas: Okay, If you don't want to, get out my forest.

Li Chung: Kinu, we need him.

Kinu: Okay, only this. Let's go to the beach.

(The scene changes to the beach where Kinu, Li Chung, Blas Feng and the Dai Li agents, are searching the boat.)

Li Chung: Where will have been the boat?

Kinu: I don't know... (A giant spirit comes forth from under water.) Oh no... Other spirit. But it's much bigger! (Kinu tries to attack the spirit with waterbending, but he can't and the spirit throws Kinu to some trees.) Aaah!

Blas Feng: Dai Li! Attack the spirit! (Blas and the Dai Li agents attack the spirit with all their might, causing it to flee.) He fled...

Li Chung: Cool, I found the boat.

Kinu: Oh... My head...

Li Chung: Come on! It's time to go to Ba Sing Se!

(The scene changes to the boat, where all are very tight.)

Kinu: Oh... My body...

(Final of the episode.)


Major Characters

  • Kinu
  • Li Chung
  • Blas Feng (Debut)
  • Dai Li agents (Debut)

Minor Characters

  • Father of Blas (Debut)
  • Mother of Blas (Debut)

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