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Twin hook swords


Quiver, Grain, Hammer, Ka-Boom, Wei, Toph, Saif, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation


Alden, Nid Veelis, Xin Fu, Yu, Bharato, Phoenix Estates

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Police officer

First appearance

Chapter VI:Wei's Journey

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Blade was the leader of a group of police officers consisting of himself, Ka-Boom, Quiver, Hammer, and Grain, who attempted to stop the shipping of illegal drugs, namely Cactus Juice, in the Earth Kingdom. He helped Wei across the Si Wong Desert in exchange for assistance in stealing some Cactus Juice. Later, he tracked Alden down from Si Wong Rock, and followed him to where he was exchanging a large amount of Cactus Juice. After that, Alden ran, and Blade and his friends chased after him. Alden then lead the police force to his clay palace, where Blade fought Nid Veelis. He was at first able to hold his own against the earthbender, but when Nid used metal bending to make his swords blunt, he began to lose. Nid almost choked Blade to death, but Quiver shot him, allowing Blade to escape Nid's grasp, go around him, and strangle him. Later, Blade and his friends were recruited by Toph and Saif to aid the Fire Nation in the war effort on Ember Island. While there he, along with his friends Quiver and Grain, worked to make a plan on where to place the troops so they could fight the Phoenix Estates. Later he fought in the Battle for the Fire Nation, and covered for Grain along with Ka-Boom once the sandbender had been hurt. Afterwards, he fought in the Battle for Ember Island, and almost got to cross blades with the infamous Bharato. While taking part in the Landing in the South, he and Quiver were hurt, and unable to fully aid in the invasion. He was later well enough to fight at The Factory, fighting on the front lines durning the nighttime attack alongside Saif.


Blade was shown to be a very skilled swordfighter, as he was able to counter most of Nid's attacks, using only his swords. He was also prepared to face Bharato in a duel, along with many other great swordfighters.


Blade cares deeply for the safety of his friends, as seen when he covered Grain in The Battle for the Fire Nation, Quiver in the Landing in the South, and in The Factory, when he made sure Grain was armed and able to fight.

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