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Blackshock Assassin

"Combustion Woman"

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"Combustion Woman" is an assassin sent by Blackshock to kill Aang at Mai's birthday celebration, in Vanja1995's fanfiction Nomad. She was killed by Mai herself, after a battle with Zuko, Aang and Toph. Her name is never revealed.


Early Years

Combustion Woman was born a Blackfirebender in a large mining town to an average family. Her father started out a low-level miner, but slowly worked his way up the ladder. Due to his family's constant occupation with trying to get a better status, she was often left alone, ignored and forgotten by them. At 16, she left home to travel, but not long after this, she was attacked by bandits. This was the first time she used Blackfirebending to fight. To her own surprise, she easily dispatched them with the Art, and took their supplies. After this, she journeyed the land knocking out and in later years killing other travelers and taking their money and supplies.

Recruited by Blackshock

When she was 22, Combustion Woman came across one of Azula's high contacts, and decided to attack him. She was defeated, but the contact was impressed by her strength and will to kill. He asked her if he wanted to join a new force, and she agreed. She trained with Blackshock as an assassin, quickly rising to the be the best one in their numbers. This was when she caught Azula's attention. Azula saw her as a phenomenal weapon against the Avatar and the Firelord.

The Plan

On the night of Mai's party, Combustion Woman was meant to go kill the Avatar, the Firelord, and any or all of the rest of Team Avatar. With them out of the way, Azula could escape and take over. However, Combustion Woman was dispatched by them, Mai delivering the final blow. This was the end of Combustion Woman.


Azula still escaped. In her mind, Combustion Woman was just meant to be a distraction so she could escape, and never believed that she would actually do the job. Azula sent her fully knowing she would get killed (she knew she wouldn't be captured, because then she could give away information).


"Combustion Woman"'s real name was never revealed. She was nicknamed Combustion Woman by Sokka after they saw her Blackfirebending. It resembled Combustion Man's style of Firebending as there was a similar beam of lightning at its center. However, Blackfirebending has thick, dark soot and smoke around it.

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