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The Black Soul is a Greater Ish Kash. Created by the witch Muramasa, it belonged to a Daisho with the Raven Rose. The Black Soul has shadow-based powers as well as the ability to influence negative emotions.


As the Spirits invaded the human world and began overrunning the humans, the Nifrin sided with the humans in the escalating war. Muramasa forged two Ish Kash, the Black Soul and the Raven Rose and gave it to the most powerful human warrior, Kuro.

Kuro eventually gave the Raven Rose to his brother, Akira, but kept the powerful shadow sword for combat. Kuro would be the backbone of the warriors who fought against the Spirits. The Black Soul brought fear into the hearts of the enemy. Unfortunately, not all Spirits were fearful.

Kurohitsugi Full Power

The second tier of Kage no Seru used on Shadow Hill.

Akahito and Hakki both were powerful Spirits able to deflect and combat the deadly abilities of the Black Soul. At the climax of the war, the Ish Kash met a real test against a Dark Spirit named Kurotama. Unable to match power for power, Kuro used his own blood to created a dimensional prison with the Black Soul, the Kage no Seru.

At some point after the battle on Shadow Hill, Kuro began to change. The Black Soul started to change him both mentally and physically. Kuro began to kill others in murderous rage, including a fellow Ish Kash user. Calling himself Karath, he faced off with his comrades in battle and was barely beaten by Ikari and Akira's teamwork.

The result was Kuro's death and the Black Soul was broken. Muramasa refused to leave it at that and reforged the weapon.


The Black Soul was a Greater Ish Kash, it had both mental and physical powers that made it very dangerous.

The Black Soul had powerful mental abilities by affecting the negative and baser emotions of it desired targets. The weapon could influence one's fears, anger, confusion and aggression. Kuro often used this to turn the Spirits on each other.

The physical powers of the Black Soul had the ability to influence shadows. These powers were very destructive and lacked the restraint the Mortal Blossom had.

  • Shadow Bloom- The basic attack of the Black Soul, it could release destructive waves of shadow against a target for deadly effect. The ability's effectiveness was reduced against wind spirits or spirits that could dissipate the shadows during the attack.
  • Kurai Tamashi- An enhancement power. Kurai Tamashi would wrap shadows around the wielder, giving them an increase in power and defense as any attack will be hindered or destroyed by the shadows.
  • ShibariAnime

    The first tier of Kage no Seru used on Hakki.

    Kage no Seru- A blended power, it requires the blood of the user as well as knowledge of advanced blood magic to make. There are two tiers of it that require different levels of concentration. The first tier creates tendrils of shadow that entrap an opponent and drain them of their energy and life. The second tier creates a dimensional prison of shadow that separates the target from the world. The only way to break the spell is with the blood of the maker of the prison. Both are incredibly taxing on the user and can leave them sick for a long time afterwards.

Deed Names

  • Shadow Sword- Named for its infamous powers.
  • Soul Breaker- The Black Soul was known to scare the mightiest.
  • Death Blade- Many died at the hands of this weapon.
  • Defiance Blade- Kuro was considered defiant by Spirits who underestimated him.
  • War Bringer- The Black Soul was at the forefront of battle. It was once said that where the Black Soul goes, war follows.
  • Heart Biter- Many felt the pain of its actions.
  • Anima Taker
  • Brother Sword- Named for belonging to the daisho including the Raven Rose.
  • Dosh Rak- This name was first given to the Ish Kash for turning Kuro into a Dosh Rak.
  • Broken Blade- This name was given after the Black Soul was broken in battle by Akira and Ikari.


  • The Black Soul is considered the second most powerful Ish Kash after the Mortal Blossom. However, with the Raven Rose, it is considered the stronger in its intended form, a daisho.
  • The Black Soul is very peculiar, even for an Ish Kash.
  • The Black Soul is the only Ish Kash known to have been broken and then reforged.
  • The Black Soul is based on Zangetsu from Bleach.

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