By Zukofan123 and Twilitlink Part of the Avatar: Legacy of Fire continuity.
The Black Scorchers
General information

Black Master

Notable members

Black Master


Fird Lord's Advisor


Fire Nation


Fire Nation


To conquer the world

The Black Scorchers are the main antagonists of Avatar: The Legacy of Fire. They are an ancient society (very different from the Order of the White Lotus) who formed over 200 years ago and their soul purpose is global conquest. The Black Scorchers want to seize control of the Fire Nation, commence a new war, and unleash their fury upon the world. Their current leader is the Black Master, a ruthless tyrant who commands his mercenaries to do his biding.


Long before the War, the Fire Lord's adviser hungered for ultimate power, but there was no way he can grasp it while Fire Lord Ziu occupied the throne. Soon, Fire Lord Ziu had recruited a team of soldiers, each skilled in mercenary, to secretly assassinate political enemies without the knowledge of the rest of the nation. They took more favor to the jealous adviser, and decided to join him as he defected from the empire. They then were exiled, and turned their backs to the entire Fire Nation Empire. This gave birth to the Black Scorchers. After hundreds of years, they had a large and vast empire, all of them trained in necessary skills. They established themselves in Asahi and have plotted out schemes to rise to power, secretly for hundreds of years.

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