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Black Panther
Prince Bao/Black Panther
Biographical information

Prince of Earth Kingdom


Ba Sing Se, Earth Kingdom


Earth Kingdom




Earth King Banzai (As Heir of the Earth King)

Physical description


Hair color


Skin color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Vibranium Claws


The Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D, Earth Kingdom


Doctor Doom, Doctor Octopus, Abomination, Doombots

Chronological and political information

Prince of the Earth Kingdom

  • The Avengers
  • Earth Kingdom
First appearance

Hulk VS Ba Sing Se

Black Panther is the crown prince and superhero of the Earth Kingdom. He is work alongside with the Hulk.


359 AG

Become Black Panther

In the evening, during the way to back to the palace after studied at Ba Sing Se University, he accident found a meteorite that has strange green glowing mineral known as Vibranium. He's pick it up and put it into his backpack and go back to the palace. During the night, he create a suit and weapons from vibranium and wear them and become Black Panther, the hero of Earth Kingdom.

360 AG

Hulk's Attack

After the Gamma Explosion, the Hulk had caused much trouble in Ba Sing Se. His father, Earth King Banzai order him to led the army to stop the Hulk but Hulk is too strong and he defeated all of them and retreated into the Wulong Forest.

Conquest of Doctor Doom

Few weeks after Hulk's attack, an army of Doombots led by Abomination of Omashu are come to conquer Ba Sing Se to claim as colony and make the whole entire Earth Kingdom know that the war had started. He and his soldiers fought as best as they can, but it's not enough. Then, Hulk hopped out from the forest and rescued them and defeated the Doombots army and they retreated back to Omashu. After the events, he become friend with Hulk in order to protect the Earth Kingdom together from threat of Doctor Doom.


He is a playboy and kindhearted man and friendly to his friends and allies. He is one of some persons who Hulk trusted with his life because of his friendly being.


Vibranium Claws

These claws are made from vibranium and are his primary weapon.

Enhanced Strength

With his body that is very muscular, he had gained the enhanced strength of normal human.

Enhanced Speed

WIth his legs that are very muscular, he had gained the enhanced speed of normal human.


He is the smartest student at Ba Sing Se University. He also created Black Panther suit and Vibranium Claws by himself.


  • He is first friend of Hulk.
  • He and Storm are couple.
  • In Chinese, Bao is mean "leopard".

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