By Zukofan123 Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Fire continuity.
Fire Nation emblem
"Hear me people of Ba Sing Se, I have come to announce that the era of the Black Scorchers in nigh. Soon, you will all bow before us, and if the Avatar intervenes with our moment of triumph, then you will all share his fate!"
— Black Master to everyone in Ba Sing Se
Black Master
Biographical information

Fire Nation



Physical description


Personal information
Weapon of choice

black spear

Bending style(s)


Chronological and political information

leader of the Black Scorchers


1,250,000 gold pieces

First appearance

The Legacy Begins

The Black Master is the primary antagonist of Avatar: The Legacy of Fire. He is the tyrannical leader of The Black Scorchers and commands his forces with an iron fist.


Not much is known about the Black Master's history, expect that was raised by the Black Scorchers to become a twisted and malevolent leader.

Phoenix Saga


The Black Master is considered to be the evil of the Fire Nation, and the entire world. He executes anyone who fails to accomplish their duty and berates them for their miserable failure.

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