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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: Wanted.

Black Lotus Trials


Omashu Brawl


Assault the Base



The War of the Lotuses


103 AG


Black Lotus Assassin Base


Victory for Nero



Black Lotus Assassin's


Forces involved


  • Lian
  • Des
  • Squirrely
  • Seph
  • Roth
  • Hook
  • Nero's Father



  • Squirrely
  • Seph
  • Roth
  • Hook
  • Nero's Father


The Black Lotus Trials was a trial to test Nero, one of Lu Ming's best assassins, and his abilities after he failed to assassinate the members of Team Avatar.


After Nero failed to kill Team Avatar, Grand Master Lu Ming ordered that he be put through the Trials of the Black Lotus. An ordeal no one has survived.

The Four Trials


The first trial put Nero up against whatever Lian could throw at him using the water that flowed into the arena. Nero used his impressive agility to avoid the various weapons Lian made, but barely managed to stay one step ahead of Lian, and was eventually frozen. Nero thawed himself out of the frozen water and had passed the first trial.


The next trial had Nero be pinned the floor by his feet as Des launched rock after rock at him. Nero began by blasting the rocks with his Firebending. This only worked a few times however and the rocks soon became too dense to destroy, so Nero had to either stop them with his hands, or just not get killed when he got hit. After a few more minutes of being bombarded Des finally stopped and Nero was allowed a ten-minute respite.


The third trial pitted Nero against four of the Black Lotuses greatest nonbending warriors. Nero carefully dodged each of their attacks and managed to get one of them to kill two others, before fatally burning that one. Nero ended the last ones life with a powerful jab strengthened by Firebending.


The fourth and final trial was the most emotionally taxing, Lu Ming brought Nero's captured father into the arena. After Lu Ming leaves Nero to deal with his father, Nero grabbed his father by the throat and demanded to know if he even remembered him. After a few moments His father finally recognized him and pleaded for mercy. Just as Nero was about kill him, he remembered the Avatar's words to him and stopped. His father however pulled a knife from his clothes and attacked his son, forcing Nero to kill him.


Lu Ming was satisfied with Nero after he passed the trials and once again placed his full trust in him. Allowing Nero's later betrayal to go off with out a hitch.


Trials of the Black Lotus

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