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Black Lotus Assassins
General information

Lu Ming, Lady Sa

Notable members

Nero, Zheng, Lian, Des, Lee Chun, Tengu (formerly)




Ember Island




Kill those who are targeted

The Black Lotus Assassins are a group of assassins who are essentially the exact opposite of the Order of the White Lotus. They exist for one purpose, to kill anyone they are assigned to kill, regardless of who they are. They perform their tasks with brutal efficiency either beating or killing any who get in their way.


So far there have been only two leaders of these assassins revealed.

Lu Ming (Deceased)

Lu Ming is an Airbender who somehow managed to escape the genocide of the Air Nomads, his full strength is unknown but he is shown to be a powerful Airbender merely by breathing.

Ursa/Lady Sa (Deceased)

Ursa joined the assassins after she killed Azulon and quickly became a high-ranking member of the assassins.

Notable Members

The most notable members of these assassins have each mastered a unique type of bending.

Nero (Deceased)

Nero is one of the Black Lotus Assassin greatest warriors, capable of producing black flames, he is a dangerous man who mostly is dead silent.

Zheng (Deceased)

Zheng is the first Black Lotus Assassin ever seen by Team Avatar, he chased them all across the Fire Nation with his own unique brand of Firebending, Combustion.


Was one of the members who helped recruit Nero into the group. She's a powerful Waterbender who literally bends blood as she would water.

Des (Deceased)

The eldest of the four prominent assassins and a master Earthbender, despite his age he possesses tremendous strength, able to bend metal through brute force rather than bending. His main bending style however is Sandbending. Des has also invented a fighting style he calls Bonebending, where he bends the minerals inside peoples skeletal structure.

Gao (Deceased)

Gao was one of the few members who instead of being recruited, actually sought out the assassins. His various mental problems, combined with powerful Firebending and a murderous appetite for blood made him one of the most dangerous assassins in the organizations history, even to his "comrades".

Former Assassins


Back when he was still a member, Tengu was by far Lu Ming's most skilled assassin. As "The Demon Bird", Tengu personally orchestrated the deaths of dozens of important officials on both sides of the Hundred Year War. Towards the end of his career he took part in the siege of Ba Sing Se, in an attempt to kill both Iroh and Lu Ten. The mission ended with only partial success, when Lu Ten sacrificed himself to save Tengu's life. Afterwards he found himself unwilling to kill Iroh in cold blood. His final mission before leaving was the assassination of Fire Lord Azulon. He's now considered one of the greatest threats to the Black Lotus.

Lee Chun

In Progress


  • The idea for the Black Lotus Assassins came from Bioware's Jade Empire

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