Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Birth of the Avatar in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Birth of the Avatar
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Avatar: The Last Airbender

Quick Plot Summary

This Fanon is broken up into five books. Book 1 (New Birth) is all about how the World of Avatar was created. Book 2 (Tale of Ling Pen) will be about the story of the first Avatar (after Chang Zuo Zhe). Book 2 is about Ling Pen the first Water Tribe Avatar (which I hope to make 3-4 chapters out of). Book 3 will be about the first Earth Kingdom Avatar. Book 4 will be about the first Fire Nation Avatar. Lastly Book 5 will be about the first Air Nomad Avatar

水土火 气Shui Tu Huo QiAang Cosmic水土火气



  • Chuàngzuò zhě (创作者) -A scientist that created the World of Avatar and eventual became the first Avatar.
  • Líng Pén (泠湓) -16 years old, was the first Avatar born in the Water Tribe.
  • Dìdì(弟弟) -12 years old, the little brother of Ling Pen.
  • Dàodao(导导) -Ling Pen's trusty polar leopard and animal guide. Has snow white fur and crystal blue eyes.
  • Master XièShī(泄师) -65 years old, with harsh gray eyes, a short white beard, and bushy white eyebrows.
  • Shòu (瘦) -16 years old, incredibly tall and thin. A Waterbender. Ling Pen's friend.
  • Ǎi (矮) -17 years old, Very round with huge dimples and a double chin. Very hot tempered. A Waterbender. Ling Pen's friend.
  • Bènlǐ (笨俚) -15 years old, Average height with messy brown hair. Not very intelligent. A Waterbender. Ling Pen's friend.

New Birth (Book: 一)

12,000 years before the tale of Aang, a time before bending, before the Spirit World, before the energy which flows through all living things, existed a massive civilization. This human civilization was ultra-modern and highly technologically advanced. The humans, instead of working with the elements, had enslaved the elements to work for them. They built massive buildings of glass and steel. They burnt fuels to power their machines and factories. The fumes would fill the atmosphere and choke Mother Nature. The sky became full of dense clouds of dark smog, the rivers and oceans turned black, and the animals and plants slowly died away. War broke out constantly. Women and children died in the streets. Disease was rampant. It appeared that the human race, as well as the entire world, was at an end.

Then one day a scientist named Chang Zuo Zhe discovered a way to stop the end of the world and preserve life on the planet. His plan was to recreate the planet in his own image, a place where all life was connected and the elements would work with the humans instead of being controlled by them. Chang came up with a plan. He collected the DNA of plants and animals, including human beings, on the planet and put them in pods. He then created flowing energy that would flow from life form to life form. He imprinted this ability to channel energy in the DNA of all the creatures he had collected and built a device that would clean the atmosphere, the land and sea. In the process it would wipe out all life. He hid in large spacecraft and survived the purging of the planet. Then he traveled all over the planet and spread the modified seeds of all the plants. He grew all the animals in his laboratory and placed them in the appropriate environments. After years and year of setting the ecosystems up, he recreated humans and taught them hunting, farming and language. The humans then spread across the planet, which at the time was just a single mega continent.

Now very old, Chang built a machine that would take his energy out of his own body and set it free. Once freed from his body, he would create a Spirit World where released energy would stay. From the Spirit World he would watch over the planet. For many years the world was at peace. Hundreds of years past and the small groups of people lived in harmony, till the people of the new world discovered something that would shape their destinies forever. The people in the far north of the continent learned how to bend the water from watching the moon control the tides. The people of the east learned how to move the earth from the great badgermoles. The people of the far west learned how to create fire from the majestic dragons. Finally, the nomadic people in the mountains learned how to control the air around them like the giant flying bison.

At first Chang was proud of his creations for learning to use their energy to work with the elements, but soon there was trouble in the world. A massive war had started amongst the four peoples. They fought over land and resources and threatened to tear apart all that Chang Zuo Zhe had worked for. Infuriated by this, Chang Zuo Zhe took the form of a mortal and commanded all four elements. With his incredible power he split the world into four nations, in the hope that by sending them far apart they would live in isolation from each other. Chang Zuo Zhe knew this would only work temporarily. He needed a successor. Chang Zuo Zhe lived for many more years on the earth. Finally when he died, instead of returning to his great Spirit World he placed himself in a small child in the icy Water Tribe to the north.

Tale of Ling Pen (Book: 二)

The cold ice hut creaked as the howling wind struck its outer walls. An immense blizzard raged above the Northern Water Tribe. Its violence and ferocity had never been seen or even thought possible by the group of villagers. Some ice huts were swept away by the pure force of the whistling wind. Back in the cold ice hut, a group of villages gathered around the fire, waiting. Their faces were cold and stained with worry. The small crackling fire provided little comfort to them. The wind was so loud that all sound was suppressed. A small tent was erected in the back of the hut. It was made of blue fabric and striped animal hides. Glowing golden light trickled out from the entrance of the tent. The villagers sat there, mesmerized by the dancing flames. Then from the back of the hut, a woman pulled back the curtains of the small tent. The howling wind ceased immediately. The villagers' eyes now fixated on the tent with great curiosity and astonishment. The room then filled with the sound of crying of a new born child. The blizzard outside had died and the world seemed to be at peace. The child's cries echoed throughout the village and reverberated in the souls of the villagers. With this Ling Pen was born.

The Rock (Chapter 1)

"Common, Wake up!" the boy exclaimed while nudging Ling Pen, who was wrapped up in a sleeping bag and appeared to be dead asleep. "We are going to be late for Master XieShi!"

"Www-what?" Ling Pen dazedly muttered, his eye squinting upwards toward the boy. His eyes were deep sapphire blue; he was a tall boy and very well built also.

"Finally you're up! It's already past sunrise and if we don't get there soon Master XieShi is going to kill us!" the boy said with genuine fear in his voice.

"AH! We better run, Didi!" Ling Pen screamed. He tossed on his coat and pants and sprinted out the door, his brother Didi trailing behind him.

The scuttle woke Ling Pen's Polar leopard, Daodao. The magnificent Polar leopard with his snow white fur and crystal blue eyes easily caught up to the boys running through the village.

"Hey boy," Ling pen said quickly to Daodao, gasping for air, trying to catch his breath.

The boys stopped abruptly in front of a crowd of young men. In the front of the crowd was Master XieShi. Master XieShi was a tall old man with harsh eyes, a short white beard and bushy white eyebrows. "You are late," XieShi said in a calm but assertive voice.

"Sorry Master! Me and Didi were just..." Ling Pen spewed out in a shaky nervous voice, before being cut off by XieShi.

"Silence, just because you are exceptionally talented, doesn't mean you are exempt from the rules," XieShi said slightly raising his voice.

"Sorry Master," Ling Pen said, staring at his furry boots, fearing eye contact with his master.

"However it just so happens that we will not be training today," XieShi said in a far calmer, more toned down, voice.

"What?" the boys said in equally astonished and perplexed voices.

"We are going hunting!" one of the young men cheerfully exclaimed from behind them.

"Yaaay, finally!" Didi shouted in joy.

"Wait here Daodao while I go hunting," Ling Pen told his trusty Polar leopard.

"Well? What are you waiting for? Get on the boats!" XieShi said in a half cheerful voice.

Without another word uttered the gaggle of boys ran to the boats on the nearby ice pier.

On Ling Pen's boat were his brother Didi and his three friends, Shou, Ai, and Benli. Shou was tall and thin as a twig. Ai was short and round with huge dimples and a double chin. Benli was messy and a little slow but very funny.

"Let's go before the others get all the good Polar Sea Lion!" shouted Ling Pen. Immediately Benli and Shou stood up and started to propel the old canoe as fast as they could with their Waterbending.

After hours of traveling, the young hunters had stopped propelling the canoe and started drifting.

"Ugh, we have been traveling for hours and still nothing!" Ai said in a very grumpy voice.

"Calm down Ai, I'm sure we will see something soon" Ling Pen said in a halfhearted and exhausted tone.

"Maybe the polar sea lions are all asleep," said Benli.

"Don't be stupid, Benli, its midday already," Shou snapped back to him.

"I dunno," Benli said softly.

"What's that?" Didi exclaimed, entirely ignoring the bickering amongst the three.

"What?" the four boys said.

"Over there! It looks like an iceberg but made out of rock." Didi said excitingly

"Don't be silly, rocks can't float, and I never seen a rock that big before." Ai said condescendingly.

"I think Didi is right, let's go check it out." Ling Pen said in an almost mesmerized voice.

The canoe hit the rocky black shore and the boys jumped out.

"I think it's an island, but made of rock," said Shou in a curious voice.

"Wow look at this guys!" Ling Pen said from further up the rocky island.

The boy scurried up the island to meet him, dodging huge rocks in the path.

"It looks like a cave! We should go explore it!" Ling Pen said in jubilation.

"I don't know, maybe we shouldn't mess with anything." Shou said nervously.

"Oh come on where is your sense of adventure?" Ling Pen said tauntingly.

"Alright, but I still have a bad feeling about this." Shou said.

The group unhurriedly ambled into the cave, every one of the shivering with fear except Ling Pen. He peered into the great darkness with widening curiosity with each step he took on the cold damp rocky floor.

"Okay, fun adventure, let's go now," said Shou in a quivering voice.

"Oh come on, what's the worst that can happen." Ling Pen said in an almost laughing voice.

"Whoa-oo" Benli said stumbling on a rock in the middle of the cave then crashing to the floor of the cave. The vibration's from his fall reverberated throughout the cave and started to make some of the loose rocks at the mouth of the cave drop.

"Run!" screamed Shuo in a voice that seemed to explode with panic.

The boys sprinted as fast as they could out of the cave, except for Benli who was still on the floor of the cave.

"Get out of there Benli!" Ai hollered.

"Can't! I think there is something wrong with my leg." Ben yelled back, while huddled up on the floor of the cave, his arms wrapped around his leg tightly. A split second after he uttered this, the cave entrance collapsed and became entirely blocked with massive boulders.

"Benli!" shouted Ling Pen in a panicked voice, extending his arm out as if to try and grab Benli out.

"I'm okay." Benli said in a muffled voice due to the rocks separating them.

"How are we going to get him out? What if he is trapped in there forever? What are we going to tell the Village elders? What are we going to tell Master XieShi!?" Shou said in a voice that seemed to progressively get more filled with insanity and anxiety.

"Calm down, I'll find away" Ling Pen said in a very uncertain and uneasy tone.

"I'm sure glad you know how, cause I have no clue how to." Ai said in a borderline sarcastic voice.

The group of four starred at the wall of boulders, rocks, and pebbles that divided them and their companion, for a few minutes. The cool sea air licked their faces and the distant cry of seagulls was the only thing to pierce the silence. The water surrounding them was calm, blue, and appeared to stretch on for eternity. Massive mountain-like, blue and white, icebergs drifted gently across the sea. The sun looked like a tiny floating orb against a massive ocean of which was the sky.

"I got it!" Didi exclaimed while simultaneously giving a little jump in the air.

"What?" the others replied as if knocked out of a trance.

"Ling Pen, since you're a really good bender, maybe you could bend the rocks away like snow and ice." Didi said cheerfully.

"Don't be stupid Didi, I never heard of a person who could bend rocks, haha." Ai said.

"Maybe Didi is on to something." Ling Pen said softly while starring at his shoes in deep thought.

"What? You can't be serious, we can only band stuff made out of WATER and rocks aren't made of water last time I checked." Ai said in an entirely disgruntled voice.

"I know I just have a feeling that I can." Ling Pen said in growing confidence.

"Well then bend away almighty Rockbender." Ai said in a voice saturated in sarcasm.

Ling Pen went in to strong and sturdy stance. His feet where spread slightly further than his shoulders. His knees where bent and his hands where palm up and at his waistline.

"What's he doing?" Ai whispered to Shou.

"I dunno." Shou whispered back.

"He is Rockbending" Didi said, his eyes fixated on Ling Pen.

Ling Pen slowly straightened his knees and forced his palms up. To the astonishment of Shou, Ai, Didi, and even himself the boulders shoot up into the air. Then with a tossing like movement of his arms the boulders were shot off to the other side of the small island.

"That was incredible, how did you know how to do that!" shouted Shou.

Ai stood their entirely dumbfounded by the whole thing. His mouth was wide open.

"Yay, I knew you could do it!" Didi screamed in jubilation, and started to run toward Ling Pen.

"Whoa what just happened?" Benli said, still on the cave floor.

The group ran over to Benli, who was covered in dust, and propped him up and walked over to the canoe. Didi had a couple handfuls of rocks in his arms.

"Why are you bringing rocks?" Ai questioned Didi.

"So Ling Pen can show everyone his Rockbending." Didi said in his usual cheerful voice.

Ling Pen and Shou stood up and propelled the canoe across the flat sea. Ai, Benli, and Didi were situated in the front of the canoe, starring into the vast sea.

Alone (Chapter 2)

The sky was black and covered with millions of millions of tiny specs of light. A full moon hung like a glowing omniscient being above the sky. The village, of 20 or so ice huts, was bright with fire light. The group of boy's canoe finally drifted into the icy docks. A group of villagers surrounded them immediately. At the head of the group was Master XieShi, an aggravated look was clearly visible even in the dim light.

"Where have you boys been? The rest of the men came back hours ago!" XieShi scolded.

"I can explain," said Ling Pen calmly. "We traveled really far out to sea and we came across an island, made out of rock. We all went on the island to explore and we found a cave. The others didn't want to go in but I forced them to. Then Benli fell and broke his leg. Then the cave started to collapse and we all ran out but Benli was still trapped inside. So I Rockbended the boulders out of the way and we went back home." Ling Pen finished and looked around to the astonished faces of the villagers.

"You did what?" Master XieShi said in disbelief.

"He Rockbended! Watch!" Didi tossed the rock from his arms onto the ground.

Ling Pen then proceeded to do exactly what he did on the island and to the crowd absolute bewilderment the rocks floated into the sky.

"Come with me immediately! You boys go home, Ling Pen follow me." XieShi said in a quivering voice. XieShi bent down and picked up some of the rocks and quickly pocketed them.

Ling Pen followed XieShi into the center of the village, just outside of the Council of Elders building. The building was the tallest in the entire village. Its exterior was decorated with massive carvings and ice totem poles. The roof was rounded into a center point where a small ice dome stood.

"You wait here." XieShi said sternly to Ling Pen. Xieshi strode into the building and eventually disappeared from view. Minutes passed by and Ling Pen seemed deep in thought and appeared to be slightly nervous and anxious. Then out of the door way came master XieShi with an expression of mixed sorrow hung upon his face.

"Come in." XieShi said while gesturing him in through the door way. Ling Pen followed him. They passed through a hallway with depictions of the ocean and moon carved in the ice. At the end of the hallway was a massive open area, much like a throne room. Huge pillars lined the walls and at the back of the room was a series of steps leading up to a group of old men with long white beard. At the center of the group was the chief of the village. He was situated on a seat slightly higher than the other men. He wore huge animal hides and a necklace made out of animal teeth. He was younger than the other men but still his beard was speckled with white and gray.

"Please sit down" he said gesturing to a small blue animal fur mat on the floor.

"What is the meaning of this?" Ling pen said defiantly.

"We heard that you have a special ability one that no one else has in our village. Could you please show this ability to us?" The chief pointed to a pile of rocks on the icy floor.

"Okay" Ling pen said nervously. He concentrated on the pile of rocks and slowly raised his palms upward causing the rocks to shoot up in the air. The room exploded with chatter, the elders sat in bewilderment at what they had witnessed.

"Hmm very interesting. However you are not the only one to possess such abilities." The chief said in a cold and slightly curious voice.

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