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Ring's Men
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The Legend of Korra

Due to a ridiculously busy time table, chapters will take a while to be produced.


Yon Rha was content with passing his days of early retirement in the comforts of Ember Island.

However, at the request of Fire Lord Izumi, he travels to the Earth Nation to answer their desperate plea for help. The Earth Nation has just survived a crippling civil war, from the ashes of which no victor rose gloriously. It is in a state of panic and tension; the only thing preventing further bloodshed is a tentative cease fire that will only continue if they are able to produce a constitution and constituent assembly.

While his intentions are pure, and his heart soon devout to the people of the Earth Nation, he has gained great influence, and naturally, is regarded as a danger by his enemies. He struggles to survive, so as to bring peace to a struggling nation, without the help of the Avatar.


Yon Rha: A Fire Nation diplomat striving to establish a constitution in the Earth Nation. He was chosen to his extensive political and military experience and his expertise and knowledge gained from serving as the 5th Prime Minister of the Fire Nation.


Book 1

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