Birth and Childhood
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From the Eyes of the White Haired Girl



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Chapter 1: Birth and Childhood

My name is Yue. I am sixteen years old and I am the princess of the Northern Water Tribe. You might say I'm different. It is true. I am different because I have white hair. There is a story behind that. Here it is...

When I was born, I was very sick. Normally, babies are born crying. However, my eyes were closed and I made no noise. All the healers had failed to heal me. They told my parents that I would die. My father and mother pleaded and prayed to the spirits to heal me. On the night of the full moon, they placed me in the Spirit Oasis. The Moon Spirit gave some of its life to me, turning my hair white. Then, I woke up and began crying. Grateful, my parents named me Yue, after the moon.

Throughout childhood, I was left out by other girls because I was different. They taunted me by calling me 'old lady'. However, I was popular among boys. My white hair and blue eyes made me cute when I was younger, but now that I'm sixteen, my white hair and blue eyes makes me irresistible and attractive. My parents have been proud to raise me from birth. I looked forward for the rest of my days, but alas, I am arranged to marry a man. A man who I am not interested in.

Author's Note

I'm suspecting that Yue was bullied from childhood

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