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Azula, Mainyu, Savas, Yudo, Et Dah, Sho, The Phoenix Estates


Zuko, Kumaro, Aditi, Juna, Kato, Lee, Saif, Toph, Sung, Earth Kingdom, Water Tribe, Fire Nation

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Chapter I:The Secesions

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Bharato was the former governor of Aggni, and the Vice Emperor of the Phoenix Estates. He originally chose to leave the Fire Nation for the good of Aggni, but when he saw he could seize power among the other cities, he did not hesitate. He had been saving money from tariffs and tax reliefs for himself, but decided to use it to start a war. He broke Azula out of prison, organized the other seceding cities into a new nation, and started a war with the world. He went to the Western Air Temple to prepare to strike at Ba Sing Se. When there he fought with Aditi and Kumaro. When he fought with them, he had the upper hand, until Kumaro gained the ability to produce green flames. Then, realizing he had lost, Bharato fled, letting his airship fall. He then traveled to chameleon bay, and prepared to strike the Earth Kingdom Capital. When he did he was defeated, and retreated back to the Phoenix Estates. When there, he ordered construction on a massive airship to begin, to act as an unstoppable firing point for the holder of the Fire Ruby. He later went to the Earth Kingdom. He fought in the Battle for the Seedy Pier when he knocked Toph over, killed any Earth Kingdom soldiers who were in his way, and almost killed Kumaro and Aditi. Later, when he returned to the Phoenix Estates, he used his ultimate weapon to successfully attack the Fire Nation forces under the command of General Zol. Later, he held a meeting with Choy, Mainyu, and Et Dah. He then brought the weapon to the outer islands of the Fire Nation, where he almost used it on Ash Island. Following his defeat in the Battle of the Fire Nation, he retreated to Ember Island, where he fought dueled with Blade, Saif, and Kumaro. Wen he saw he cold not win, he fled back to the Fire Nation mainland. He gave a speech in a town, where he was nearly killed by Kumaro. While he was recovering, he trained himself in advanced breathing exercises, making hi a stronger Firebender. He then usurped Azula's position, and sent Azula to the front lines. Later, he viewed an execution of rebels set up by Et Dah in Nov Sol's arena, but was almost killed by Juna in the process. Once he got the location of the rebel headquarters, he sent Et Dah and her pilots to destroy it. He was then forced out of the Nov Sol arena by The Fire Nation. Following the Battle for Aggni, he fled to Ba Sing Se, where he was captured by Katara and Zuko. He was later transported to a Fire Nation prison as punishment for what he had done.


Bharato was only interested in ways to help himself, and the only reason he freed Azula was because he thought he could gain knowledge of Firebending from her. When he saw he would lose, he would run if possible, as seen in The End of The Earth Front.


Bharato was a highly skilled Firebender, and was able to generate lightning. He was also able to defeat Kumaro when they first met. He was also a skilled swordsman, as he was able to beat Kumaro in a duel. His skills as a leader were well known, as he was able to convince several cities to leave the Fire Nation and join him, and direct the leaders during a meeting in Origin of the Gems.

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