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Korra crying
Between That
Chapter information

Avatar Korra and Avatar Aang



Written by


Release date

May 21, 2013

Last chapter

A 12 Years Old Boy Met a 17 Years Old Girl

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Avatar Korra's Tears

"I feel sorry for Tarrlok."

"I know."

"I need to go to the South Pole."

"What!? That will be tiring, Korra!"

"I have to! Aang's waiting! I have to tell the story!"

"Just send a messenger hawk! It's easy!"

"Mako. You don't understand. You don't... AT ALL..."

"I do."

"So if you do understand, let me go to the South Pole!"

"As you wish, Korra."

"I will go."

"Me too."

They went to the South Pole

"Aang! Thank goodness you are here!"

"Korra! You discovered the truth!?"


"What is it?"

"Noatak/Amon is Yakone's son which is Tarrlok's brother."


"You knew him!?"

"When I was 40..."

"But you are 12..."

"Don't make me started."

"Sorry.. But I need your wisdom.."

"Korra, you will find a way.."

"It's so boring, Aang."


"I can't unlock airbending..."

"Oh my goodness. Airbending is so easy."


"I see the reason.. You are hot-headed. Airbending is calm and quiet. Be the leaf."

"Like grandfather, like grandson.."


"I can't. I'm the worse Avatar ever!"


"It's so long... Naga, faster!"

"Bolin, she's an animal. Not a human."

"Asami's correct."


"That's the secret airfield! Stupid father!"

"Hiroshi Sato."

"He's a betrayer!"

"My grandfather is not as noisy like this! Our voice is similar actually.."

"I bet it's the same."

South Pole


"Leave me alone, Mako!"


"I'll freeze you!"


"Korra. We need to talk."


"I know your feelings, Korra."

"You do? That's great.. I am the worst Avatar ever!"

"Stop saying that."

"Hi, Pabu..."

"Who is he?"

"A ferret.."

"Let's go to an island..."

"Okay.. Come Pabu!"

"I can't stop crying!"

Pabu about to comfort Korra

Pabu about to comfort Korra.

"You have to be patient, Korra."


"Alright then. I'll leave..."

"No, Aang!!"

"I will say this to you, young Avatar... You will unlock Airbending soon. My advice will be still in you but you will forget this moments with me, and your spiritual side will be back to 0. I will be back. Everybody in this world will forget that I appear in 170 AG.. Goodbye, Korra."

"Aang! No!"

Korra went back to Mako and ready for the battle with Amon.

"Mako! Let's go to Amon."

"This will be the endgame!"

"Yes. We will reveal his true identity."


"Yes, Katara?"

"Be careful... He might take your bending.."

"Alright Katara.. Thank you.."

Katara cries because she is scared that something will happen.

"There it is!"

"Amon, you're going down!"

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