Betrayal at Hund Creek
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Betrayal at Hund Creek


Yuzan woke up, exhausted and turned over. Every muscle in her body burned. Then all the events of the past few days rushed back to her. The battle, the cloud, the capture, harsh treatment, and the horrible cells they had first been put in that seemed to burn away your willpower and desire. After that experience she had fainted and when she awoke only she and Jude had been put into the cells. She tried to stand and collapsed. After sitting in a crumpled ball for a few minutes she got up the strength to wake Jude. Suddenly she felt like she was burning! Jude jumped up and screamed and pointed at Yuzan.

"Why are you on fire?!!"she screeched.

She then stood up like nothing was wrong. She looked at her arms, they were not burned or anything.

"What the heck? Oh well, that does not matter we need to go." As she said this two shadow shells walked down the hall outside of their cells. Jude and Yuzan used a combined elemental attack to kill them but could not break the cell. The Jude unleashed a very powerful attack that broke the cell. Yuzan was a bit surprised but kept running. She opened the door and ran out when suddenly shadow shells run out of every possible direction. There must have been at least a hundred against two. Then to top it all off the door at the other end of the courtyard burst open and a giant something ran out. The shadow shells screamed, "Runkenk!!! Runkenk!!!"

Yuzan sighed, "As if this day couldn't get worse," Before running into the battle.


Ruen awoke to someone screaming, "You better get this under control! Those IDIOTS cannot make it here before I am ready or the entire plan is ruined!"

"Yes sir we will release the Runkenk." Ruen turned over so he could see who was talking. It was that one man who seemed to be at every battle yet you could never see his face, because of the mask he always wore. The other one wasn't a shadow shell like he had predicted but an actual human. Ruen was so surprised he gasped, alerting the men of his presence. The man with the mask dismissed the grunt who scurried off like a scared squirrel. The man squatted down right next to Ruen's face and started to talk like they knew each other. "Ruen, I can not believe that you are here to see it all happen. I mean I have to owe it to your horrible fighting skills. Otherwise you might have got away from my soldiers." His tone was mocking and he had a facial expression to match.

"Where the heck am I? You better tell me now!"

"Tsk, Tsk, Ruen, no hello for your old friend?"

"Old friend?" Ruen thought "What the heck does he think he's talking about? His voice does sound familiar it couldn't be."

"T...Tuy?" He asked in near disbelief

The man stood up an removed his mask to reveal....Ruen's best friends face. He looked sad and mad at the same time. He turned around. "You left right after that last mission. You didn't even look for me. It nearly drove me insane, to think that you had actually cared for me? But that was all wrong. He taught me that. Taught me all that I know now. And just as you forgot about me, so will I toss you aside like a broken toy." His face was murderous an he nearly yelled out, "You left me to die! Replaced me with that stupid girl. And to think that I thought you were my friend!" He calmed down and whispered, "But thanks to him I will be able to do whatever I want and this time no one will forget about me." He laughed looked at Ruen then kicked him knocking him unconscious.


Yusha rolled in her sleep and drifted into another dream. The day their group had been organized. The day when she met Tuy. She had immediately been attracted to the young Firebender and later he returned the feelings.

Every memory of him played in her mind. The first time they went on a date, back when their group was in Ba Sing Se. Their first kiss. The night before the mission where he disappeared, when he told her about how he felt excluded from the group. Him saving the entire groups lives fighting of the attacking Earthbenders. Ruen's final statement after waiting at the rendezvous point for three days, "Guys, I'm sorry to say, but.... I think he's dead."

Yusha squirmed and shifted into another dream. She was in a courtyard and saw Yuzan and Jude fighting hundreds of shadow Shells. She saw a giant beast run out of a gate and destroy almost everything. Then it all disappeared and she moved towards a huge staircase. It went down for what seemed like forever. She went down and saw a man fighting Tuy. He had a large claw and seemed to be a shadow bender. Suddenly Ruen swung down from the roof and started attacking Tuy as well. She tried to stop them but suddenly it was like she was staring at the world from outer space. She saw two animals racing towards the north pole where there was a bright light surrounded by shadow. The light came from the Water Tribe. All her friends were fighting Millions of shadow shells. Then she saw Jude laughing on top of a cloud. A voice spoke out, "One of you is a traitor!"

She woke up and turned over to where Dorn slept, thinking, "Could he be the traitor? Or is it Ruen...In my dream he was fighting Tuy. He also was not at the battle of Hund creek." Horrified that the leader of the group was the traitor she decided to not tell Dorn. She woke him up quick and told him to get ready. She snapped on her canteen and walked outside. The place they had once called home was wrecked and only two buildings were standing. Dorn jumped out and yelled, "Let's do this!" Startled by his enthusiasm she agreed and they began to head to the site of the battle. They were careful to avoid Shadow shell patrols and every now and then heard human voices. Turning to Dorn, she said, "I had a vision last night."

He did not seem surprised. "Me too. I dreamed about chicken."

She rolled her eyes and began to explain what happened in her dream. By the time she got to the end they were following the footsteps of shadow shell patrols to their base. Large roars filled the air.

Beside Her Dorn gasped" Look at that!" She saw it to. A giant hollowed out rock. The shadow shell base. They snuck inside and ended up in a huge courtyard with a giant battle going on. Yusha saw a giant beast flailing about while shadow shells swarmed around it. They were all attacking Yuzan and Jude. She was about to help when she saw Jude turn to Yuzan and grab her. She held her hand up and all the shadow shells stopped moving. Then she shot Yuzan into the ground with a blast of air.

Yusha was about to cry. Jude had been her friend, the person she could tell anything to. Why was she the traitor? Yusha screamed in agony and, through her tears saw Jude turn towards her and smile. Yusha, in a fit of rage began to attack Jude. Dorn ran over to Yuzan and helped her up and then they circled Jude.

"Hmm appears I'm outnumbered. Oh well, " Jude said before spinning and knocking them all back. "Pity I can't stay and kill you, but I have things to do. Instead my minions will keep you company." She ran out of the courtyard and as soon as she left the beast attacked which sent the shadow shells into action. The three fighters started to run towards the door where Jude had gone but were blocked by the beast and shadow shells. Dorn grimaced and got into a fighting stance while Yusha and Yuzan got back to back. Yusha's eyes were still wet with tears. Yuzan looked like she had gotten smashed into stone which she had. Dorn looked as he always did and was ready to fight. The beast roared, the shells charged, and they got ready for battle.

Final Word

Tuy looked over the battle field with interest. Jude had finally shown that she was a traitor. He glanced at Dorn and Yuzan before his eyes settled on Yusha. He forced himself to look away. Turning around he saw that Ruen was no longer there. Alarmed he looked around before sounding the alarm. Before he could, he heard, "We are up here, idiot." He felt a pain in his back and quickly created a shield. Looking up he saw Ruen and some one else on the ceiling. He drew his weapon and prepared to fight. Jude jumped in by his side and got into a fighting stance. Ruen knocked an arrow into his bow he had somehow recovered. The other figure made a claw appear on his arm. They dropped from the ceiling and began to fight........


Still need to know how to do the intro box thingy


The Runkenk was inspired by the rakk hive in Borderlands and I used a picture of the rakk hive to. Btw that is a great game for all you ppl with PS3's and Xbox 360's

The night mare section is a summary of the entire first book.....sort of

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