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And Everything in Between


Book One: Aang's Story



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August 16th, 2011

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Betrayal is the second chapter in the fanon, "And Everything in Between." It was released on August 16, 2011.


Sokka confronts Aang about his relationship with Katara, which leads him to find out some information about Suki, storming out. Katara and Aang try to have a decent second date, but it is interrupted by Toph, who informs them that Sokka had left earlier that day.


Aang kissed Katara goodbye. And to think, a week ago, Katara and I...together? It would have been preposterous. But now...It's happening. It's my dream come true. He thought, elated. "Bye Katara, I'll see you on Tuesday."

"Okay, Aang. I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too."

Katara's warm lips once again touched Aang's. Sweet karma. He thought. The unmistakable sound of Sokka's voice rang through the air. Aang quickly pulled away, and Katara did the same. "I hate having to sneak around like this."

"Me too. But for now, go!" Aang said, his eyes welling with anxiety.

Katara glared at him, sighing a familiar sigh. After a brief moment, she ran off, just as Sokka approached.

"Aang, we need to chat."

"Okay, about what?"

"Uh, not here. This is kinda private."

"Okay. Let's go inside the apartment."

Sokka surveyed the apartment. Glaring around the room, he saw several paintings of Aang and Katara together. In every picture, Aang had this goofy look in his eye, and was blushing just a bit. In one, he was staring at Katara, but this time, it was Katara who was blushing, it was her who had that stupid look in her eye. Next to the lengthy beige couch sat a plain black table, boasting a collection of pictures of the Gaang. One in particular caught his eye. I painted this. He thought. Guess who isn't in the picture? I was always excluded from everything. I don't know why I'm even surprised they did this.

"So, what is it that you wanted to talk about, Sokka?" asked Aang, oblivious to what was going on.

"Oh, I suppose you don't know, do you?"

"Uh, are you mad about something, Sokka?"

"Oh, no! Why would I be mad that you almost sucked my sister's face off at the tea shop?"

Aang dropped the hot tea that he had been making while discussing with Sokka. The cup shattered, and the tea pelted Aang. He didn't notice. He was in shock.

"What did you just say?" asked Aang, buying time. Sokka ignored the question.

"Aang, I don't care that you two are dating. But how can you do this to me?"

"Do what to you?"

"You always told me everything. We were like best friends. And now, you decide that you just want to sneak around. You don't have to hide things from me Aang. How can you do this to me? How can you hide something this big from EVERYBODY?"

"Oh, um...actually..." Aang was interrupted by Sokka's ever-resonant voice.

"You TOLD them? And not me? Why?!"

"'re Katara's brother. You care a lot about her. The last time that I hurt her in any way, you tackled me to the ground. What would you do if it didn't work out? You would kill me!" Aang pleaded.

"Oh, so now you're telling me you want to break her heart?"

"No, I wasn't. I was..." Aang was once again interrupted.

"Forget it. I'm out of here."

"But Sokka I..." Aang's voice was drowned out by the ear-piercing sound of the door slamming. "This is bad," he declared. "This is really bad."


"Hi, Sokka. How'd it go with Aang?" asked Suki, working on her still life drawing. Sokka said nothing. "Sokka?"

"Why didn't you tell me that Aang told you about the kiss?" Sokka offered. A long pause entered the conversation.

"Well, Sokka, I..."

"It's one thing for my friend to keep something like this from me, but my girlfriend? This is inexcusable!"

"Sokka, let me..."

"You know, Suki, I trusted you. I confided my feelings in you. And you keep this from me?"

"Sokka, I..."

"And I know you don't want to hurt anyone, but you've hurt ME, Suki! How do you think I feel?"

"Sokka, would you..."

"Do you ever stop talking? You know, I don't need this. I'm outta here!"

"Where are you going, Sokka?"

"Somewhere that I don't have to deal with my lying, chatterbox, 'girlfriend.'"

"Well, bye, I guess," she finished. Sokka answered only with the loud slam of the front door.


It was an ordinary day. Katara was dusting the many portraits of Team Avatar which adorned the walls. She was particularly fond of the portrait decorating the entrance to the house. Illustrated were a Red Dragon, resembling Iroh, and a Blue Dragon, resembling Ozai, breathing red and blue fire at one another, with Zuko and Azula standing in the middle. Zuko was fighting off the blue flames, and Azula defending herself from the red ones. Zuko still had his ponytail that Katara always hated so much. She didn't understand it, but always found it to be beautiful. Zuko had personally painted it. As she admired the glorious portrait, she heard a knock at the door.

Answering the door, she suddenly was holding Aang in her arms.

"Hi, Aang. Is something wrong?" she asked, unsuccessfully trying to shake him off her.

"Sokka...he stormed out. He was furious with me, and I think he talked to Suki, too. He just kept screaming. I need someone to hold me."

"Aang, calm down and tell me what happened."

"Sokka...he saw us kiss on the balcony the other day. And he got mad because we didn't tell him. He ran out the door."

"Sokka gets mad all the time, Aang. How bad can it..." Katara couldn't finish.

"Katara, it was worse. He screamed at the top of his lungs at me and got really, really mad. I've never seen him this furious."

"I've seen Sokka get really mad before. After our mom died, he was so irritable and moody, and would just blow up in mine and my Dad's faces over petty things. One time, we were out of Seal Jerky, and he left the village! It took us five hours to find him!"

"Really, well...wait, couldn't he have just gone hunting seals?"

"...Huh, never thought of that. The point is, I've seen Sokka angry. He'll get over it. Trust me."

"You really think so?"

"I know so."


"So, Katara. Did you have a good day today?" asked Aang, gazing into her eyes. This is it. It's finally the day. We're going to be together forever, starting this very day. Spirits, look at those big, blue eyes. That flawless skin. That soft, brown hair. Katara, prepare for a surprise. I love you, so very much. And you must never forget it.

"Eh, so-so. I played mudball today. It was fun. I won," she said, seemingly bored.

"Really? Who'd you play with?"

"Well, I met this kid in town today. He's a master Earthbender, and specializes in Sandbending and Mudbending. It was pretty tough, but I had him the entire time. He was always on the run, but it still wasn't easy. I finally managed to beat him though."

"Wow, I love that game. What was his name? Who was he with? Is he handsome? Where is he from? Has he left Ba Sing Se?"

"Uh, I don't know. We met at the market, and his girlfriend didn't want to play with him. He asked me to play, so he walked me home, and we played Mudball. All I know is that his name is Kanju."

Aang heard nothing beyond, "girlfriend." Good. He's dating someone already. "Cool, so, Katara...I wanted to tell you something. Katara, ever since the day we me..." as Aang began his speech, Toph burst through the green doors. Man! Can I not say anything without being interrupted?

"What is it, Toph?" Katara asked, immediately redirecting her attention. Seriously? She thought.

"Katara, Aang, we have to talk." She began, anxiety in her quivering voice.

"And this can't wait until after dinner?" asked Aang, irritated.

"No. Listen, I just went to Sokka's and Suki's apartment, to see if they wanted to play Hide and Explode, and neither of them was there."

"And why is that reason to be concerned?" asked Katara, becoming impatient.

"Because, his neighbor said that he saw Sokka getting on the train leaving the city with the waitress from that restaurant you two went for your first date."

"So, in other words, Sokka left Ba Sing Se? With some waitress?" Aang summarized. Toph nodded.

"We have to find him," impaired Katara. "Does Suki know?"

"Yes. Their neighbor told her, and she got on the next train to look for him."

"Well, this is officially the worst date of my life," decided Aang, ignoring the situation at hand. "Come on, let's find him.

Trivia and Authors' Notes

  • When Katara is dusting the paintings, it states that she is fond of a photo of Azula and Zuko fending off flames from Blue and Red Dragons, which is an homage to Zuko's vision in "The Earth King." It also notes Azula's and Zuko's inner turmoil, which is why I had Zuko paint it.
  • Katara and Sokka being out of Seal Jerky was a reference to "Avatar Day," wherein Sokka talks about, "The Mystery of the Missing Seal Jerky."

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