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Book 2, Chapter 4 Betrayal

Zhao clambered into the war room clenching his heart, Shinzu's attack had hurt him more than he let on. Zhao was about to enter the Devil state but he repented. "You can't control me yet!" he shouted, as that attack had powered up Shinzo incredibly. Zhao was trying to resist his influence but it was proving more difficult by the second. A soldier walked in, he bowed to Zhao.

"My Lord your time has come" said the soldier pulling out his lighting blaster.

"No you can't, Shinzo he is betraying us you must give me control!" shouted Zhao. He felt a sharp pain in his throat as a dark cloud came out of Zhao's mouth and shot outwards, the smoke shifted and then began taking shape of a demon. It was Shinzo but his devil state was considerably different. "Ah this new power is very good" muttered Shinzo.

"You betrayed me!" screamed Zhao trying to stand as the ordeal had weakened him considerably. Shinzo finally took shape, his new form was even more threating than the previous one and put the mighty admiral's confidence to shame. Zhao stood and tried to Fire punch Shinzo, who moved out of the way within the blink of the eye. Shinzo grabbed his arm and kneed his elbow joint, shattering the bone. Zhao doubled back in pain as his shattered arm hung, it was just skin now. "You dare to try and strike me?" said Shinzo disapprovingly.

"You betrayed me!" shouted Zhao in response.

"Your point?"

"I served you loyally I destroyed the Northern Water Tribe I-"

"I destroyed the Northern Water Tribe, you were just a host, I turned the tribesmen to our side!" "You did nothing, you are nothing but a weakling! A pathetic disappointment!" shouted Shinzo. Zhao snapped and unleash a flurry on punches that Shinzo dodged effortlessly, Zhao charged up a massive fire attack and engulfed the room in flames. As the smoke faded Shinzo stood in front of him unfazed by the attack. He grabbed Zhao by his neck and started to strangle him, Shinzo then threw into the wall denting it he signaled to te guard to finish him. The guard walked over and using his lighting blaster he fired a single shot that could be heard around the ship. Shinzo walked onto the deck of the ship and ordered the ship to set course for the Fire Nation intent on finishing the invasion he had started.

Fire Nation Palace defense point 2 days later

While Waku, Akuma, Zuko and Aang were at the North Pole Shinzo had launched a devastating attack on the Fire Nation and, using sentries, cut off all contact with the other nations. The only place not conquered by Shinzo was the royal palace which was being fiercely defended by Iroh. Zaibatsu soldiers now fought for both sides, people were dying and civilians were gunned down in the streets. With no way to contact the other nations the Fire Nation was alone. Iroh sat alone in the throne room as a Zaibatsu captain approached him.

"Sir we won't last much longer, we've just lost the courtyard they'll be on the palace doors in moments" said the captain hanging his head in shame having been defeated.

"Don't blame yourself captain, we were all caught off guard" replied Iroh trying to keep some morale.

"Its not that sir, its just fighting against the men you used to call friends takes its toll".

"I understand Captain, how many do we number?"

"You, me, Captain Sheen and 30 troops"

"A bit outgunned, nevertheless could you remind me of the a soldier's final pact?"

"I don't see how that matters, but if you insist" "Never Surrender and kill as many as you can" the sergeant's face lit up under his mask as it dawned on him.

"Come my friend see if you can get more than this old old man" Iroh put his hand on the soldier's shoulder as they walked towards the front doors.

"This is it!" shouted the captain. "Kill as many as you can and may the Avatar watch over us!" the soldiers seconded that with a cheer. The men took their positions as the doors began to crack. The doors burst open as the Neo-Zaibatsu soldiers charged in. The allied soldiers gunned down any that came through the door before switching to their swords and charging towards them. The soldiers must have taken out a thousand enemies but they just kept coming. Iroh meanwhile was dueling Shinzo. Shinzo however thanks to his powers gained the upper hand and floored Iroh. He then grabbed a lightning blaster and aimed it at his head. "Meiyo Dai my friend" said Shinzo as he fired a single shot killing Iroh instantly. As Shinzo's flag was strung at the top of the palace he made 1 request, to give Iroh a proper burial showing his respect towards the Dragon of West.


'Meiyo Dai' is Japanese for 'Die Honorably'

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