Best Laid Plans are Best Kept Secret
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November 3, 2012

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Chapter 2 - The Eye of the Storm

Chapter One: Best Laid Plans are Best Kept Secret

The Grand Secretariat of Ba Sing Se and head of the Dai Li sat in his secret office under Lake Laogai. His name was Huanlong and he was one of the most potent earthbender of his time. It was the thirtieth day of the Fire Nation's siege. However, instead of feeling scared and hopeless this situation gave him hope. This was the perfect opportunity to seize power, he would never have a chance like this again. A Dai Li agent walked in.

"Ah hello Long-Feng," Huanlong said. "Do you bear good or bad fortune with you?"

"I bear no fortune at all sir. I just wonder when the plan of yours will come into action."

"Well, serpent-phoenix, the serpent for which you are named is patient and waits like earth until the time is right. However, I think that you should apprehend Iroh and his royal procession."

"Very good, sir."

Over the mighty walls of Ba Sing Se General Iroh sat in his camp, drinking tea. He pondered: "Should I take Ba Sing Se or not?" as a member of the White Lotus and a spy in the Fire Nation, even as its crown prince, should he take his pretense this far. Commander Zheng walked over, he was Iroh's must trusted advisor, even if he was as ruthless as a snake.

"A messenger in Fire Nation attire approaches," said Zheng.

Iroh always had hated Zheng's formal ways of speaking. However, he answered:

"Show him in then, but please get him out as soon as possible."

A man in traditional Fire Nation dress walked in with slightly bulging hands, a fact noted by everyone in the room.

"Hello, I am Long-Feng." he stated "You are to come with me."

"And what makes you think that?" complained Iroh "I haven't finished my tea!"

Long-Feng's hand extended at Iroh and shot out. This hand flew into Iroh's chest and grabbed him. Zheng assumed an offensive position, grabbed the air, and propelled a ball of fire at Long-Feng's chest. Long-Feng deflected it with a huge chunk of earth and shot this mass at Zheng. Zheng dodged this and retaliated. Darkly clothed men fell from the ceiling with hands like the counterfeit messenger. They all took a prisoner and left, leaving only Zheng. Charged by his rage he breathed fire into the air.

Huanlong walked down the corridor clutching the bill which would allow him complete control over Ba Sing Se until the siege was over. It was draughty so the mighty earthbender hurried. This meant he skidded along the ground in his earth boots at close to the speed of a dragon. Huanlong slowed down when he reached the royal sanctum. He entered and went straight for the throne room. One one knee he asked for the fiftieth Earth King's signature. Earth King Ruo agreed and signed it. Huanlong walked away.

In Lake Laogai, Huanlong made a huge platform out of earth and a podium. He shouted:

"This is the day we will rule Ba Sing Se, we will take their forces and use them as our own."

Huanlong did not tell them what he was using this power for, he was going to use it to start a war with the spirits and win. He should have told them but, well best laid plans are best kept secret...

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