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Best Friends Forever
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Dear diary,

Today I made a new friend! Her name is Emily. She's really nice!.

Here's what happened:

I was walking down the hallway at school when all of a sudden I saw somebody sitting on the bench in the study hall and she looked lonely.

"Hi!. I said. What are you doing?"

"Nothing just studying. She said with a smile. What about you?"

"Oh. I was just coming to say hi." I answered back.

"Do you want to study together?" she asked

"Sure!" I replied.

We studied and studied and studied until the lunch bell rang.

"Wow!" I said surprised.

"We studied for 4 hours!" said Emily amazed!"

"We sure did." I said.

"Well, I better get going," said Emily.

"To lunch?" I asked.

"Yeah!" Emily answered with a smile in her eyes.

"Do you want to sit together?" I asked.

"Okay!" She said happily.

We walked all the way to lunch together. I just felt that Emily and I would be best friends forever!

We got in different lunch lines. We were having Ocean Kumquats for lunch and Pie for dessert.

But what happened next was unforgettable:

Okay, so I was walking and I had my lunch and dessert on a tray. I was walking to table number 27 in the back.

All of a sudden, one of the popular girls, Azula came and put her foot out so I would trip. I tripped. My lunch tray tipped over and at first, I didn't know who's lunch tray was falling. But then I realized and it was mine.


My lunch tray fell on me. The lunch room howled with laughter.

I started to cry.

I heard foot steps. Emily was walking toward me. With someone else. Her name was Yue.

At first I thought that Emily was mad at me. She wasn't. She offered to help me up. I nodded. She helped me up and I ran all the way to the girl's bathroom. I cried my eyes out when someone came through the door and was holding clothes.

"Here. She began to say. Put these on."

I put on the clothes. 2 minutes I later walked out of the bathroom and felt better. I felt more tears in my eyes. It was not tears of sadness - but tears of joy.

I had made a new friend.

A friend that was nice. A friend that was forgiving.

A true friend.

But Emily was not the only friend I made that year. At least not a girl.

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