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Darksome Knights: Resurrection


Book 3: Rallying the Troops





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February 20, 2012

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Attack is the thirtieth chapter of Darksome Knights, the tenth chapter of Book 3: Rallying the Troops, and the final chapter of the Besieged saga.


Everyone in the hall was silent. All were dumbfounded. Then the realization of the traitor's note hit them.

"So, he really was decieving us this whole time!" Luke whispered to his friends.

"I can't believe it." Ash replied, shaking his head.

"Everyone!" Sigan yelled. "We need to start preparing for the upcoming war! Does anyone here have any experience in leadership?"

"I do." A dark haired girl in a purple dress stood to her feet. "I gladly place myself in your service."

"Great." Sigan said. He clapped his hands together. "Anyone else?"

"I'll help." Sokka raised his hand.

"Me too." Riku stood up.

"Sign me up!" A muscular man with short blond hair nodded.

"Haewa," Geolda started, "what did he mean by 'the power you keep locked away inside you'?"

Haewa stood up, turned toward the door, and ran out.

"Haewa!" Geolda stood to follow him, but Hwasan stopped her.

"Let him go." He said. Geolda sat down reluctantly.

Suddenly, the wall exploded. Those sitting near the wall ran to the opposite side to escape the debris.

From the hole in the wall, the attackers could clearly be seen. Two people and a cat sat inside a car. On the top was a large disk with a honeycomb of glowing rock creatures inside each pod.

Behind the car was a large crowd of creatures and people. There were at least three hundred people in the crowd. Some creatures were the size of buildings, while others could not be seen at all. All, however, wore a malicious, expectant grin.

Floating above the rubble in what appeared to be a glass bubble was a man. He had windblown blond hair and mad, icy blue eyes. A cocky grin across his pale face, he wore dark clothes, save a red cape and yellow gauntlets.

It was Noeseong. The Darksome Knight.

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