Siege of Ba Sing Se
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Darksome Knights: Resurrection


Book 3: Rallying the Troops





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February 18, 2012

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Meet and Greet

Meet and Greet is the twenty-eighth chapter of Darksome Knights, the eighth chapter of Book 3: Rallying the Troops, and the first chapter of the Besieged saga.


"Everyone!" Sigan yelled into a megaphone. "Settle down!"

The hundreds of people in the castle's hall grew silent.

All right. Sigan thought. Time to drop the bomb.

"I called all of you here for a very specific reason." Sigan began. "Three days ago, I noticed that one of our members, Noeseong, was missing. As I looked for him, I stumbled upon a note from a man who claimed to have taken him prisoner."

Everyone in the hall gasped. The other three Pillars had to go through the crowd to restore order.

"Unfortunately, that is not all. It gets much worse."

Those in the hall again had to be silenced by Haewa, Hwasan and Geolda.

"As I continued to search for Noeseong, I found a second note in his room. I initially thought it was a blank piece of parchment. However, when held over a candle flame, the true message is revealed." Sigan took out the roll of blackened parchment, unfurled it slowly and began reading it.

Noeseong's Letter

My enemies (oh, how awkward the words "My friends" would have felt),

By now, you have found the decoy note I left. Naturally, very little of that note should be taken as truth. Nevertheless, I will

But first, I have a message for each of you. My former allies.

Haewa, despite your strongest efforts, whatever forces you might muster will fail. Only the power you keep locked away inside you will doom the worlds.

Sigan, your mind is a powerful weapon. But it is wasted on the incompetent Pillars. Join us and your talents shall be acknowledged and rewarded.

Hwasan, you may be impetuous at times but you have valuable combat skills that will ensure that when you eventually go down to our forces, you will do so fighting to your last breath.

And Geolda. Sweet Geolda. Your beauty is the true pride of any world. I will personally see to it that the fires that will purge these worlds will not burn you, my delicate flower.

I am no longer a member of your ranks. And though I shall see you soon on the battlefield, I feel I must be honest with you, my former comrades.

I have been a spy for the enemy. The forces of the Darksome Knight have grown since the last incarnation was defeated. We needed to know your weaknesses. The ones before you were a thorn in our side for far too long. This time, you will not be a problem. This time, we will not be defeated.

The worlds will be unified. All who stand in our way will be destroyed. We will bring peace to the worlds. The Darksome Knight will prevail.

I will prevail.



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