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Earth Kingdom



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Katana, Arrows, Knife, Shield

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Weapons Master


Brek, Kaeta, Zola


Onjing, Kimma, Zhouray, Phronk

Berani is a major character in Avatar Brek. She is the love interest of Brek and the first non-bending member of Team Avatar. Because of her non-bending status, the Isha wish to destroy her.


Berani is hot-heated and impatient. While she shows compassion for her friends, particularly Brek, her hatred for the Isha force her to make decisions that put her in life-threatening situations.


After learning that her friend, Brek, was the Avatar, she joined him and a Waterbender named Kaeta, to travel the world in hopes of Brek mastering the four elements to defeat the menacing Isha. Packing her father's Katana and her wrist shield, she was well equipped for battle.

Journey to Ba Sing Se

The group's first stop on their long trek to the Earth Kingdom capital was the small, healing village of Lalu. There, they encountered the Isha for the first time, and Berani beheaded one of their members out of rage. Her and her friends' victory in the village was rewarded when they were given an ostrich horse she later named Bo.

The next major location Berani visited with her friends was Gaoling. In this affluent city, she met the cowardly and distrustful mayor, who turned his forces over to the Isha in an upsetting twist to the story's plot. The group was forced to flea to their final destination Ba Sing Se. Once in the capital, they had a run in with the city's secret police force known as the Bao Hu Zhe. Officially, charged with the task of "protecting the people from the Isha" the main priority of these agents was to silence anyone who spoke of rebellion against he Earth King or even uttered a single word about Democracy. Having spoken with a few revolutionists her first night in the massive city, she was forced to defend her self from two of these Metalbending agents, killing one of them with a slash of her katana. Almost immediately she and her friends were captured and taken to the Royal Palace of Ba Sing Se, where Berani witnessed the revelation of Avatar Korra. Brek's predecessor of the Water Tribe convinced the Earth King to release Berani and her friends who then traveled to the Lower Ring and participated in the first major battle of the Revolution.



Berani was very skilled with a combat with her katana. Having killed a total of five people with this might weapon, she held nothing back when threatened. Her skills with the sword were greatly enhanced when she learned the ancient Sun Warrior technique of the Dancing Dragon.


Berani's adroit abilities with a bow and arrow have come to her aid numerous times. The greatest example is when she held of charging Isha members while escaping Gaoling on the back of Pumi.

Wrist Shield

Berani's small, circular aegis has prevented her death on several occasions, from blocking fireballs to smashing Kimma in the face. Her aegis also prevented her death in Secrets of the Sun, Part 2.


  • The name "Berani" comes from the Indonesian word for "brave".

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