Avatar Benjiro is a fourteen year old from our world and the Main Character in Avatars, Masters, & Prodigies.

Birthnamed Ashton, he assumed the name Benjiro in an attempt to blend into the Avatar world upon entering on June 1st, 2010.

He has brown hair and green eyes; he is also the first Airbendering dominate Avatar since Avatar Aang.

One of his most notable traits is that he is slightly on the shorter side, barely 5'1 at the start.

He is played as simple. A bit dorky looking with pale skin who is prone to sunburn and acne.


Very little has been shown of Benjiro's pre-our world life. He is an only child and has had a bit of boy scout experience.


Benjiro is often referred to as an idiot, not the sharpest tool in the shack as he is usually the last to conclude things or catch up on the most obvious tricks.There are a few times when he has his moments and is able to pull one and two together, however is always overshadowed by the intellectual strengths of those around him.

He often tries to do what is right but is usually forced into snide remarks by his short temper. More than once he's gone off on a rant, talking so fast and loud that no one can even understand his words.

Believing that everyone should have a voice in what they say, he has twice made the mistake of trusting strangers, one that he has been improving on working on.

He has been shown to be shy, blushing every time Emi comes near him in a more than friend way that leads everyone to be aware of his crush, but usually leaves it without words.

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