Beneath Her Gaze
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Count Kibbles N Bits

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July 20, 2015

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The man stares at her majesty, floating amidst a deep sea, a silver beauty surrounded by an entourage of little lights. She glides free, while he shrinks beneath the branches and leaves that conceal him from her gaze.

His eyes dart to the road ahead; lights move in the distance and the faint roar of vehicles echoes through the valley. with a sigh he disappears back into the shadows, taking one last look at her.

Streaks of white pierce the darkness oppressing the night wherever they shine. He waits within the long shadows cast by the trees.


Two cars; front and back.

Armored truck in the middle.

Mask placed over his face, he breaths in and motions his arms.

The air burns, cracks, snapping white arcs of brilliant light follow his hands as they sway in motion, the front vehicle slows down, someone yells.




The driver side is hit directly by the lightning bolt, nothing but searing metal and flame, its driver vaporised. the man next to him silently slumps into his seat, electrocuted; the car careens into a nearby tree. The two other vehicles screech to a stop, dust and smoke dancing in the white beams of the headlights.

The masked man advances through the blaze, planting his feet. He moves as if to throw something over his head; metal snaps and groans as a door from the wreck is hurled into the cabin of the truck.

Men begin to scream and shout, as they exit the remaining car only to be greeted with amber and fury as the man rushes them. flames bursting forth from his fists as the four men scramble to counter.

One man takes a barrage of fire to his face. he screeches as he grasps his head in his hands a stumbling to the ground, wriggling and reeling in pain only for a few moments till he is still and quiet. The other three men unleash metal cables from their wrists lashing out at the murderer. The masked man acrobatically dodges and evades the cables as they whizz pass his ear screaming hate and vengeance, lashing the earth and trees. One man stomps his foot rupturing the ground beneath the murderer, felling him as another officer produces a blade from his gauntlet and lashes out at his quarry.

The mask flips backwards on his hands cartwheeling out of the way. The badge follows, hate in his eyes, he swipes at the man with his blade. The mask produces a short sword and parries the badge with his right hand, and with the left blasts the man with a quick gust of wind to the gut. The other badges close in as their comrade falls, air knocked out of him. the mask caught of guard takes a stone to the shoulder, stumbling he retaliates with a gust of wind to ward off another set of incoming projectiles, then throws the short sword, impaling one of the badges through the left breast. The last one distracted by the outcry of his comrade doesn't notice the man rush him, till the back of his skull hit the ground; blade sunk deep into his neck.

The masked man gets up, caressing his shoulder, the cop with the blade stuck in him coughed and gagged as blood filled his lungs and began leaking from his mouth; the other man that took the blow to the gut began to rise to his feet. The masked man breathed in and out, swaying and flowing harvesting the blood from the wounded and dead men to lash out at the remaining one.


The man fell to the ground armor stained crimson, eyes staring off into the distance. The masked man finished off the other man and cleaned his sword, turning his attention to the truck behind him.

He peeled the back of the truck open, revealing 5 men dressed in orange, iron around their feet and hands. He quickly dispatched 4 of the men, taking their breath. He then turns to the fifth, who was shaking eyes wide with fear, skin moist with sweat. He whimpers:

"I...I...I ain't said nnnothin' to tha cops, you needa-"

"Ssshh, I'm sure you didn't, Choy, but you got caught."

"But it wasn't my fault, honest. Come wasn't."

"You left witnesses."

"No... noo, we checked, I'm sure of it. We...we got out clean."

"Then why are you in chains?"

The prisoner's mouth stood agape, eyes watering, he pleaded silently through desperate sobs.


With a sudden flash of movement, the prisoner's head tumbles against the metal floor of the truck. The assassin collects his prize and proceeds to walk around the site, taking care to check each body, before sinking each one into the earth with a twist of the wrist.

He stares back up through the branches and leaves and looks upon her once more.

"Yue, guide me."

He walks along the silver road, leaving the white lights and orange flames of the cars behind.

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